Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pre-K Easter Party, April 1

I got to host Alex's Pre-K Easter party this year! Alex's class is truly a special group of amazingly gifted kids. They are all very respectful and kind and play well together. I was so excited to host the party! I was the photographer too, so not many pictures-- we were too busy crafting and playing. I felt honored to be a part of the Easter experience. 5 year olds are really able to grasp the sacrifice and miracle of the resurrection. As Alex would say, "He is noooot here. He is not here. He is risen indeed!"

Alex with her boyfriend, Mau
Jackson and Jia
Ben and Alex (so cute!)
My girl is working away on her crafts
Olivia hiding behind her accomplishments
Jackson is so proud!
Alex loved the cross project
The craft
Alex made 6 crosses! She loved it.
We had such a great day. Alex loved having mommy at class without Carson...and I had fun being there!

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Nicole Fields said...

She is sooo cute....getting to be such a big girl!