Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Darby Family

Merry Christmas from the Darby Family.  Christmas card, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

Our first snow in Little Rock

We experienced our first snow in Little Rock and wow, it was gorgeous! It was the "perfect snow" because there was just enough snow to cover everything, but the roads were clear. Sparing you all of my cheesy Hallmark sayings, I'll just leave it at this. As I drove to and from taking the kids to school, I talked to God. And He talked to me. I kept pulling over to take was a beautiful, spiritual morning for me. And in that time, I was reminded that in just one night God can change everything. One snow reminded me that seasons come and go, that times changes and no matter where we are in our life, time continues to move forward. And that, it a beautiful thing.

Speaking of beautiful:

Our front porch

View from our porch
Our yard
Our home

Golf course

Pleasant Valley

The park

The street sign I pass every morning
Look at all the snow - gorgeous!

Street view
Beautiful trees

Santa's beautiful little helper

Alex has been so excited to have her picture taken with Freddy the Elf at her elementary school. We talked about it a few times and I marked my calendar to make sure she was dressed appropriately for the "big event."

Alex has an adorable Santa dress and she chose to wear it for her pictures with Freddy. I got her all dressed up and we took pictures by the Christmas tree. It was a warm and fuzzy moment. Nathan's precious comment to me was, "Are you sure you want her to wear that Santa dress? Kids might make fun of her." And I said, "She is adorable and she chose it."

We all went about our days as usual...and then at about 2:30 I get a reminder on my calendar that says "ELF PICTURES TOMORROW AT ALEX'S SCHOOL." OH NO!!!!!!
I was laughing hysterically at myself for being an idiot and worried about Alex all at the same time. I wasn't sure what her response was going to be getting off the bus. With Alex, it's black or gray. I was dreading pick-up and grabbed my Barbie Christmas DVD I had in my super secret stash spot for an occasion such as this. Sure enough...the bus pulled up and Alex comes off the bus crying. I feel like the

Fortunately, she just got her conduct card pulled for talking during reading time. It took me a few minutes to get through drama, but I was so relieved I wasn't in trouble. Once things settled down a bit I asked, "So, did you take pictures with Freddy the Elf today?" She said, "Oh yeah - Mom, the pictures are tomorrow you silly! But guess what? I got lots of compliments on my dress so I think I'll just wear it again tomorrow." WHEW!

I told DeDe about the incident and being the magic elf she is, she went home and made a special Christmas shirt for Alex to wear to school the next day. Who can just crank out a home made Christmas shirt in a day? Seriously, she's too much!

Alex didn't have to wear her dress two days in a row...and I am not the worst mom ever (yet). Here are the adorable pictures from day one...and day two :)

Day 1 - Santa dress

She is such a beauty (inside and out)

Day 2 - DeDe's Christmas shirt

All ready to go!

Alex actually believes that Criddle, her elf at home, went back to Santa's workshop that night and told Santa about the dress...and she thinks she earned "extra Christmas spirit credit" for dressing up two days in a row.

Riiiiight :)