Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sweet Innocence

Here are some precious pictures taken by Rachel and Ian Kirkland this past weekend. We were in Moody, Texas (just outside Waco) celebrating Elijah's first birthday. Alex had so much fun running and playing outside. I love these pictures!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nathan's Big Break at Chicken Play

Last week I saw a sign at our local Chicken Play (Chick-fil-a) that they are hosting a Chick-fil-idol. For the past three weeks they've hosted open mic night. So, last Friday night we were watching the DeWall kiddos and I called up there just to get the info. I told Nathan about it since the grand prize is free Chick-fil-a for a year. I didn't expect he would be up for it, but he said to load up the kids and let's go! So, we took all four kids and went just to "scope it out" (he didn't want to sign up unless he felt comfortable). Of course as soon as we walk in, I go up to the panel and sign him up (so much for checking it out). I couldn't help it! He is soooo talented and I love hearing him sing. Even if it is in front of people eating fast food.

Nathan dedicated his song to precious! He sang "I'll be" by Edwin McCain. That was the song we danced to at our wedding and is "our song". Awww. He did so great! The best part was when Alex went running into his arms. Nathan picked her up and she hugged him through the entire song. When he sang "I'll be, the greatest fan of your life" to her, the whole crowd melted. I know Alex put him over the top. How could you not love that?

Soooo, the top 4 contestants from each night (there were 3 nights) are competing in the finals in two weeks. Darby was chosen!!! So, he made the top 12 :) hehe!

GO DARBY GO!!! Here is the only picture I got on my's terrible, but I was too busy watching. I'll be sure and bring my camera in two weeks. Nathan, I'll be...the greatest, fan of your life. (tear, sniffle). hehe

Monday, April 27, 2009

Last one

We know these videos are much more amusing to us, but in case you want a little laugh:

Only our daughter...

How many blogs will have "only our Alex" as a title? Seems to be a reoccurring theme. Here's another video from the petting zoo. Notice, how many other kids are in the cage? How many are holding the animals? Certainly not any girls! She is fearless!! I love that she is such a hot mess.