Friday, July 25, 2008

Carson's Baby Shower - July 20, 2008

Can I just say I have the BEST friends and family in the world?! Last Sunday was Carson's baby shower. I had the most special day-- I really felt like it was the first time I could stop and celebrate the little man's arrival! With Alex being sick during the 1st trimester of my pregnancy, keeping up with her in general, and Nathan traveling over the past 5 weeks, it's been tough to just stop and take it all in. So, this was just an awesome, awesome day! 7 of my dear friends (including Erin who is family too) set up a beautiful cake, family pics, wonderful food, etc. The best part was seeing everyone of course! Rachel and baby Elijah came all the way from Austin which meant the world to me. Several Baylor girls hiked it from all over the area. Both of my moms were there too which was SO fun. I truly have the best moms in the world! Thank you Deb for driving all the way here just to be with me! Carson racked up all kinds of love. We have everything we need for his nursery now and got a ton of adorable clothes and other goodies. We just feel incredibly blessed and now we are ready to meet the little guy. Well, not really ready...but we are closer.


Here are a some photos from the past few weeks. We made a trip to Little Rock for Deb's birthday and ABCDE (My brother and sister-in-law and the kids) all joined along with Nana, Granddad, Tyler, Lily and baby Logan. It was a total zoo! My favorite pic is the watermelon shot with Dru. He asked me if I swallowed a watermelon, so when I saw one sitting on the counter, I op.
I hope you can see just how much fun we are having this summer!

Alex, Katie and Kaitlyn at a swim playdate

Our little Belle

Daddy & Alex share summer bonding time on the trampoline

The Darby Grandkids

The watermelon pic!

Ghetto princess

Alex loves playing dress-up

Tea Party

DeDe (Debbie) came down for the baby shower and while she was here, we went to Maudee's tea room in Highland Park. Monica, her mom, and Grace (one month older than Alex) and I got dressed up and decided to have a girls day! I have to say it was asking a LOT of two 3 1/2 year olds to have self control in a formal tea room for two hours. But, they did a great job and we had such a great time! VERY FANCY :)

Alex, our little princess!

We have had an wonderful summer! Alex is at such an awesome age. I think 3 has to be the cutest age. I can't believe some of the things that come out of Alex's mouth. One of the funniest things she says is she calls Baked Lays "pecker chips." I know... where did that come from? She has most of her vocabulary mastered now, so when she says things like that, of course we completely encourage it. I think she means potato chips or cracker chips...but the best is when she says it in front of someone that doesn't know what it means. "Mommy, more pecker chips please"-- hehe.
Alex has been doing great with mommy being pregnant too. She will actually come and ask to feel Carson moving. She did ask me where my lap went the other day because there's no place for her to sit anymore.

She's really into Disney princesses at the moment. We have daily dress-up time. Her favorite dress is the Belle gown and she loves to ask Daddy to dance. It's so precious. We call her our "ghetto princess" because she is usually a total mess with her hair everywhere, but wearing a fancy princess gown. She's too cute! We also catch her looking in the mirror and playing with her hair. AHH! We are just loving every minute!