Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice = heaven on Earth for Alex Darby.
For her birthday, we surprised her with tickets. She still thinks it was Disney world :)
Alex dressed up as Snow White for the big event and was just the cutest ever. She was so happy and precious and animated (shocking, I know) through the show. She got up and sang the songs and it was a perfect experience for our family. The Worley family was there as well and we were sitting close, so Kaitlyn & Alex got to share some of the fun together. Here are pics:

Alex shows off her freshly painted nails. She was decked.
How cute is this? They were both Snow White!

Beautiful girls

Alex with Mommy

Alex with Daddy

Belle & The Beast

Trey had his lap full of cuteness

Alex dancing to "Under the Sea"

She is hysterical!

It's safe to say she had a blast! What a fun day for our fam.

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DeDe said...

I am sooooo in love with our little Princess Diva!