Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Alex got a new bird feeder for her birthday and she has been glued to our window just waiting and watching for any "papa connels" aka "cardinals" or "red peckers" to come and visit.
Well, we got a taker! So I let Alex go outside and I am in here checking email. This is what I hear.
Alex screams at the top of her lungs: "BIIIIIRD!!! Get down here right now. Bird, you aren't minding. Come down and play with me NOW, understand? You aren't minding me. If you don't mind I am going to give you a really big spankin, and put you in time out and put you in a really big cage. You don't want that do you? Get down here I mean it!"
I am not making one word of that up!

Prayers for Granddam

Yes, I named my grandma "Granddam" as a toddler :)
Please say a prayer for my precious grandmother, Virginia Cottier. She is facing a major lung surgery at noon today. She has severe pneumonia and infection in both lungs...and I'll spare you from the rest of the details. She is my only living grandparent. She has hardly been lucid, but when I came to see her at the hospital she lit up and said "Melissa, baby, I can't believe you are here to see me." No matter what I have a beautiful memory of her lighting up just because I came for a visit. I made my peace with her and God, so no matter what, it's all good. That being said, please pray for a hedge of protection over her and the surgeons at noon. My parents have been through so much...I just don't want to see my mom's heart break any more than it already has.
Love to all!
Here she is with our baby Carson.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Blue Birthday!

I will post all the pics and share about our awesome day, but here's a cute pic of us in the meantime. Alex looked so adorable...I'll never forget her blue birthday! More to come...