Saturday, August 1, 2009

Unpleasant dining experience

Well, that's putting it nicely. I drove the kids back from Little Rock on Thursday and we hit Rockwall around 6:30pm. I was so hoping we could make it all the way home without pulling over to eat. Carson had other plans-- he was a mess! I knew he was hungry and knew I couldn't and didn't want to make him cry it out for an hour. I pulled over and realized all of his baby food was in the trunk, but not to worry... Whataburger's motto is "just like you like it." Um, not so much. Here's what went down in 35 minutes:
1. Alex freaked out b/c they didn't have apple juice or lemonade. The OJ was unacceptable and she let me know countless times. She told me it made her belly sharp. Hmm?

2. Got Carson in the highchair and poured all three jars of Gerber baby food into the bowl as Alex was asking (over and over and over) for ketchup. I turned for a split moment to get her the ketchup and Carson managed to grab the bowl of baby food and chunk it across the restaurant. Awesome.

3. Unstrap Carson from highchair and take both kids out to the car to get more baby food. Come back to table and start all over again. Sigh. People are looking at the "poor single mom" at this point.

4. Carson works up a steamy diaper while eating his dinner. So, I unstrap him from the highchair again and take both kids to the bathroom. Whataburger didn't have a changing table in the bathroom and my car was full of luggage so I had to change him ON the sink. He is screaming (understandably). Poop falls on floor. After I get him situated I ask Alex several times to go potty and she reassures me that she doesn't have to go. Okay, fine then.

5. Go back to the table, strap Carson in AGAIN and we have five minutes of "normal" dinner. Then I hear, "Mommy, I really need to go potty right now. I can't hold it. Hurry!" Are you kidding me?! You know the drill...unstrap Carson and head to the bathroom with both kids.

6. Strap Carson back into the highchair. While feeding him I mistake the baby carrots for ketchup. GAG! Not what I was expecting. Multi-tasking at it's best.

7. After about four bites of dinner, Carson starts arching and crying....he was DONE and so was mommy. So, I unhooked him from the highchair and walked out, mess and all. Alex had to carry her "chickens" to the car. A man that Alex so kindly called, "the funny old man with blue hair" opened the door for me on the way out and told me that a mother's job is never appreciated enough. I agree!

WOW. Good times. I felt like Goldie Hawn in Overboard..."buh buh buh buh."