Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blog slacker

Hi guys,

To say life has been hectic lately would be a huge understatement. The blog has been my last priority, but I'm trying to catch up. I wanted to get Carson's doctor update out ASAP, so I am just now getting to the Feb-April posts. See below for Alex's birthday details.

Alex's 6th Birthday: Diva Glam Birthday Jam

Alex's 6th birthday party was on Saturday, February 19th. It was all girl and over the top pink, glittery, make-up fun!  We invited a small handful of friends and decided to have the party at our home this year.  GASP!  I've avoided house parties for 6 years.  With Disney around the corner, we decided to save some cash and have a little party at the house.  DeDe came in town a bit early to help me prep for the day...and so that means that a "little house party" turned into a diva glam birthday jam :)  Thanks DeDe!

All 7 girls showed up in their favorite princess outfits.  We had a make-up station, nail polish station and a hair station. As a gift to Alex, our sitter (Miss Gabby) offered to do all of the girls hair.  She did a fantastic job.  The girls loved getting all dolled up and the mom's loved watching, taking pictures and helping!

After the girls got decked out, we had a brief but mostly unsuccessful attempt at Princess Karaoke.  Of course, Alex had to entertain the crowd with one song.  It was too funny.  I know I've mentioned this a thousand times - but she really does have a great voice!

After the karaoke mishap (I am kidding - the girls were shy and I ended up on the mic), the girls made a craft and then ate cupcakes and danced.  The mom's had a great time visiting and the girls were in heaven.  I love how well the decorations turned out too.  Carson and Daddy busted on the scene towards the end of the party which was too cute.

Honestly, it was just a fun, easy, laid back day.  Ahh, I love those kinds of days.  Our sweet YaYa had to work and was very missed (sniff, sniff).  Alex and YaYa got to share a special day just to themselves though, so it's all good.

The memories made will last least for this proud Momma!

Yummy - cupcakes

The "pre-hair" train - Katie, Gabby and Alex all line up for glamour time

Coloring station

The one and only, Alex!

Beautiful Kaitlyn

Sweet Evelyn

Grace gets glammed up by Miss Gabby

"The stage"

The loot

Kaitlyn & Alex posed pretty much anytime they saw the camera

Precious Katie loved getting her nails painted

Snacks and more cupcakes

Alex's big debut on the karaoke machine

Abbi & Alex have fun doing crafts together

The whole crew enjoying cupcakes and sharing the cutest stories ever

Poor Katie - Alex was sugared up and on the prowl

Alex loved all of her awesome gifts

Ev & Al pose with her gift

"Yep - here's another Barbie"

The most beautiful girls in the world
7 princesses
Aunt CiCi got some sweet lovins
Jaime, Me and Erin (Baylor Tri-Delts)
AJ, Me and Deb (they are sisters)

It was such a special day for our girl. I still can't believe she's 6 (sigh).

Princess prep

DeDe came to town to celebrate Alex's birthday with us. Just like her 4th birthday, we surprised Al with a trip to the nail salon. She was in heaven. Check out our little beauty:

Assuming the position


She chose a different color for each finger and toe

Our girl - so excited

Sweet moment with Mommy

DeDe gets some lovin too!

Alex's 6th birthday

I can't believe our princess is 6!  I've had an odd reaction to Alex turning 6 - I am usually giddy at the thought of a birthday for my girl.  But this year, it hit me that turning 6 means that you are officially a "kid."  I think 1-4 is still "little", 4-5 is the bridge, and turning 6 is full on kiddo-hood.  Of course I was excited with and for Alex, but it's just hard watching her grow up so quickly.

I only have a few pics of her actual birthday, because her party was the following weekend.  She was so excited to go to school on her birthday.  I had a special birthday shirt made for her and she had a class party.  She said it was the "best day of her life."  What she didn't know is that we had a HUGE surprise for her later that evening.

Miss Gabby (Alex's babysitter), YaYa, Nathan, Carson and I threw Alex a birthday party at home after school.  We got gluten free pizza, cupcakes and decorated the house.  She had a few small presents to open from us, an amazing Rapunzel tower from YaYa and B.B., and then we had her open a special card that was from her Fairy Godmother.

I helped Alex read the card and watching her face was such a priceless moment.  I was so happy YaYa got to be there to see it all!  The Fairy God mother sent Alex on a scavenger hunt throughout the house leaving her clues and presents.  She got a princess tiara, wand, three DVD's and finally there was a treasure box waiting for her in her bedroom.  She went to her room and read the final clue, explaining that she was GOING TO DISNEY WORLD FOR HER BIRTHDAY PRESENT!  We told her we are going May 8-13 and that it would just be Mommy, Daddy and Alex.  Carson is staying back because he is too young.  She just sat there a bit overwhelmed and perplexed (which is very hard to do!)  We could tell she was incredibly excited but she was very worried that Carson wouldn't be joining us.  After we showed her a video of Magic Kingdom, she was bouncing off the walls with excitement.

Finally, her Daddy made her an awesome Disney countdown calendar so she could start counting down the days until our vacation.  The calendar has a sticker box for each of the 80 days to countdown.  It's such a fun and great idea.  She said," 80 days...that's going to take forever and ever!"

Needless to say, it was so much fun to finally get to share our big secret with her.  We've been planning the trip for a while and the thought of spending 6 days with our 6 year old Alex in Disney World, is almost more than I can handle.  Happy 6th birthday, baby girl!  We only have a few pics...we were having way too much fun!

Our sweet 6 year old wearing her new t-shirt

The card sent by her Fairy Godmother

Alex, Macy & Daddy get some sweet cuddle time

The Darby fam celebrating Alex's special day