Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Catching up...Little Rock trip 7/23-7/26

Still catching up with posts. We went to Little Rock because Andrea, Deb and I had tickets to see Idol on tour. Very fun! Nathan was in Modesto the following week, so we hung around and played with Pops and DeDe. First, we hit the zoo and had so much fun. The zoo had a new exhibit; Lorikeets. I think everyone is aware by now that Alex is an avian expert. This was absolutely the highlight of the day:
Alex fed the Lorikeets nectar.
Bird heaven
She squealed and giggled the entire time. It never got old. Leaving was a chore.
Carson thought the bird attached to mom's head was hilarious.
Mommy did too...but he really wanted to hang around all day.
Mommy feeding the Lorikeets
DeDe & Alex getting up close
"This is the best day EVER."
I think they really liked our family
Last time Alex was at the zoo, she wasn't able to ride the camel and it was complete devastation. We made sure she was able to get her turn this time. She was soooo excited. She actually tried to jump on the camel before the trainer was ready. That's our girl.
Thumbs up!
Can you see her smile? She is beaming.
" Yeah, I did it. I'm scared of nothing. Aren't you proud?"
"Whatever, it's just a camel ride. Sigh. Yawn"
Later, we took the kids shopping. Here are some great Alex pics:
"Would you like some candy, friend?"
Singing the "shakin' my booty song"
"How do things look back there? It's okay, I can handle the truth."
This picture cracks me up.
The entire store is watching her by this point...
My hot mess
Look at how he is laying. Chillin'
More performances by the one and only.
I think she looks so grown up in this photo.
That's more like it. There's my ghetto princess.
"Is my crown on straight?"
Daddy gets some tickles in.
Poor Pops is harassed.
Finally, here are a few pics from the concert. Thanks for the wonderful evening, DeDe and Andrea.
Andrea and Mel at Cantina Laredo. YUM!
We had great seats
Deb & Mel enjoying the "flattering angle" LOL!
The Darby girls
Summary: another amazing weekend!

Monday, August 24, 2009


*Alex is always a happy: "Mommy, I was really freak-in out because I just stepped in something wet." That is 100% my fault. We were laughing hysterically-- what 4 year old says they are freakin' out?

*One more Alexism: When she eats something she loves she stands up, closes her eyes and sings like Stevie Wonder, "I've got a paaarty in my tummy. My food is so yummy. Oh yea, I got a paaaaarty in my tummy."

*Man vs. Food: Our new favorite show. It's on the Travel channel. Has anyone seen this? It's awesome! We watch a normal guy take on these insane food challenges such as:Um, right?! Have fun with that one!

*Da Ghettis: They are our lastest Darby addition. I caught two lizards back in June while staying in Little Rock. All I can say is that I wish we had that captured on film. I was such a girl squealing and running around "freakin' out." Alex cleverly named them "Ghetti 1 & Ghetti 2." You know, short for spaghetti?! She is too much. Now I have the privilege of taking the kids to Petland weekly to purchase live crickets so the lizards can eat. In all honesty, we've really enjoyed having them! I can't believe they are still alive.

*One of my best friends, Nicole, is about to have her first baby. I am so happy b/c she is my neighbor. I don't have any Carrollton peeps to play with, so I am soooo excited that she will be home and close! YAY!

*Godparents: I am so blessed with amazing Godparents for my kids. Thank you both for watching our kiddos last weekend. Couldn't have done it without you!

*Saving the best for last...DAIRY! I am officially done nursing which means I am back to eating like a normal human being. I have been thoroughly enjoying myself. Snickers for breakfast (I ain't even lying!) Hooray for homemade ranch, pizza, ice cream, etc. I am loving it!