Monday, July 19, 2010

Dallas World Aquarium, July 5th

My precious "niece" Nikki came to stay with us for 6 days (July 3-8). Nikki is Scott's daughter (my cousin), but it's just easier for her to call me Aunt Missy. We loved having her company! She is such an amazing help with our kids! We had a very event-filled week, and one of the highlights was taking the whole fam to the Dallas World Aquarium. We all had a blast. Alex certainly enjoyed it the most. Carson was pretty much along for the ride, but he did love the huge fish tank and tracked some of the sharks. Of course, the highlights for Alex were the birds, not the fish. HA! Here are a few pics from our day:

We ran into Matt McClard with his two kids. Here is a pic of Alex and Hayden. They were so cute together!

Alex with the penguins
The whole family
Mommy and daughter share some special moments
I love this pic of all of us
You can see Carson loved the big tank and tracked several turtles, sharks, and grouper
Sweet girl poses with the Otters
Probably Alex's favorite moment-- feeding the tropical birds. She fed them blueberries by hand.
Posing with a bird. She made us take pics by every single bird.
We had an awesome time!

Ghetto Princess Strikes Again!

Alex is at it again...she cracks us up! She ran to her playroom and told us we were not allowed to enter. She was putting on her costume to give us a concert. Here's the result:

Such passion as she sings "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban. She sings "You Raise Me On!"- ha!

Ghetto princess

Seriously, the accessories weigh more than Alex
Ha! This reminds me of "Vogue"-- strike a pose girl!

I love her creativity and imagination!