Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Welcome Parker

Parker is here! One of my dear friends, Ebes, had her precious baby boy on October 20.
I got to go see the family at home tonight. They just left the hospital today. Parker is SO precious. Ebes and I had fun talking about our boys and planning play dates. I am so happy he is here-- what a doll. Carson and Parker are going to have so much fun together and they are only 6 weeks apart!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


* Grey's Anatomy- although the show has jumped the shark, we still love watching it every week. Last week's episode was hilarious. If either of our kids want to become a doctor, we will be sure and steer them away from Dermatology! Eww- Dr. Hahn and Calllie!!! Is that necessary? McSteamy's inappropriate comments are the only reason that relationship is okay.

* Autumn weather- amazing! Now I remember why I got into running. The only perk of winter is snow skiing (and the holidays of course), so I am hoping the weather sticks around for a bit longer. We are spending a lot of time outside and it's absolutely gorgeous!

* Homemade Rice Krispy Treats- I'm cookin' it up again :) Add a layer of peanut butter for extra love.

* Pathology- starring Milo Ventimiglia (from Heroes). Whew, what a jacked up movie! Don't watch this unless you enjoy movies like Se7en and Saw. I was impressed and surprised with this film. Again-- do not watch this unless you are hard core-- ha!

* A smiling baby- Carson is smiling all the time now. It's the best! There is nothing better in the world. When I look in his eyes, he talks to me and and gives the biggest grin. Now I know why the lack of sleep is so worth it!! Is it possible to be obsessed? I may be, because I can't put Carson down!

* HDTV. Yes, I said it. Nathan "surprised" me with an early 30th birthday gift. Isn't that precious?! He called me from work and said "babe, I got you an early 30th birthday gift." I was so excited and trying to figure out what it could possibly be. Then he says "actually I wrecked the car"-- then I hear all of this laughter in the background from his co-workers and he says "okay, seriously, I bought a new TV." Nathan has been waiting for this day for a long time :)
Of course I was was just hilarious how he presented his case, as if he needed to.
I've learned ALL about the world of Hi Def. If you know how incredibly detail oriented Nathan is, then you know all I heard about this weekend was 1080p. GOOD TIMES!

* My parents-- they are moving into a new home. I am so happy for them! They will be on 2 acres. Alex is going to have a blast running around. It's on a golf course in Flower Mound, so they are closer to us-- yay!

*"Morning Puppy"-- is when Alex comes in first thing in the morning, with her hair all fed up, acting cute and sweet like a little morning puppy. "Gooood morrrrrnin' everybody. Time to wake up." She is so precious and always comes and gets in bed and cuddles with us. What a great way to start out the day. Of course Emmy and Macy are already in bed with us, and then we grab Carson and throw him in to the mix. Our bed has no mas vacancies!