Thursday, October 1, 2009

Two princesses

One of my dear friends, Jaime, made Alex a special handmade outfit. She made one for her daughter as well and we decided to have a little photo shoot with the girls. Kaitlyn & Alex are 10 months apart in age and have always been the best of friends. They play so well together. When one is sad, the other is there to comfort. It is beyond precious. Thank you Jaime for the awesome outfit. She loves it...and loves K even more.

beautiful Kaitlyn

I think this one is my favorite

darling girls

not sure what they are doing, but it's funny

Love this message

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday, Carson!

Carson's birthday party was two weeks ago and we had an awesome time! Low stress, laid back...the way we like it. We had the party at the clubhouse in our neighborhood (where we had Alex's party). We had a great turnout and both of my kids were in heaven! My two favorite moments: watching Carson dig into his cake & watching Carson RUN in his walker after the boys that were running all over the place. You just had to see it but he was absolutely one of the boys. It was too much.
DeDe came in from Little Rock to celebrate and I am SO thankful for her help. Couldn't have done it without you, D! Thank you especially for the cake help ;) 180C!! (Inside joke).
The pictures tell the story much better than I can:

The cake on the right is Carson's. It's vegan and homemade
Cake for everyone
A fun pic of his cake with the party blowers
Bring on the cakeHis very first taste
Feeding daddy
A very proud big sis
Alex being a "helper" as usual
Carson & YaYa
So cute in his walker
My moms. They are the best moms on the planet. No one has it this good :)
Mommy & Alex
Making a mess of the he should be!
"Am I ok? Feeling kinda messy"
Mom & daughter
Alex's friends
DeDe & her princess
The fam
The Casons. How cute are they?
Jaime with the girls.
Carson & Ryan Harman (his girlfriend)
Alex and BFF Abbi
4 generations. Amazing.
My mom with her sisters
One of my faves. There is so much joy in this photo
Look who's one!!
It was a perfect day.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Maggie Basden

Welcome to the world, Maggie Basden! I got to go and meet precious Maggie this weekend. Erin, a college friend and sorority sister of mine, just had her second daughter. Maggie's big sis, Katie, was so cute and very proud of her new addition. They look identical! Congrats Erin, Brent & Katie.

Mel & Maggie