Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Joyeux Noel! We have snow at our house!!

And we are off to the little cabin in the woods to celebrate. Love to all!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ice Queens

We took Alex and Kaitlyn to an ice skating lesson the week of Christmas. They had the best time ever. Wow! Two super excited princesses on the ice = a great memory for all. This was Alex's first time on the ice, and she handled it beautifully. This was Kaitlyn's third lesson and it was amazing to see how much progress she's already made. I literally had to pull Alex off the ice kicking and crying because she didn't want to stop. We got lucky and the instructor (per Alex's suggestion of course) took the girls back out on the ice for 15 minutes of undivided attention. Alex even skated on her own for a few moments. We certainly plan to go back as soon as we can!

Alex learning the ropes

Oh, this is going to be fun!

Here she is skating all by herself!

Show off!

Kaitlyn was a total pro. Check her out.

Sweet friends holding hands

All smiles

So cute

The sadness sets in. Sigh. Pitiful! It's over.
They had a blast and so did the moms. We are ready to go again!

Merry Christmas

Stressed but blessed will be our holiday motto this year. I just want to say thank you to all for your prayers, support and blessings over the past few weeks. I am blown away by the generosity of our friends and family. Here is our Christmas timeline since having kids. I love to look back each year and reflect:

Alex's first Christmas, 10 months old
Alex was too freaked by Santa, so we skipped this year. She is 22 months old.
Almost 3 years old
Carson's first Christmas. He is 3 months old, Alex is almost 4
Christmas 2009: Carson is 15 months old, Alex is almost 5
2009 Christmas card
Many blessings to you and your family. Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

He's Bananas...B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

His favorite new word, on record:

If you can't view the video, click HERE

I'm in love with a boy...

Our little man is 15 months old and his motto is "game on!"
He is everywhere, into everything, and discovering all sorts of new things daily. He has really enjoyed our Christmas tree this year. We've caught him double fisting glass ornaments and have had a few causalities. He is ALL boy! He loves to throw anything he can get his hands on. His favorites are: my cell phone, the TV remote, plastic bottles and plastic bowls.
He's also learned several new words...his favorite words are "banana" and "ni ni" (for bedtime). He is still the biggest waver-- will wave at anyone that looks at cute.
His 15 month stats:
Height: 29.75 inches (22%)
Weight: 22lbs., 1.5oz. (23%)
Head circumference: 18.5 (53%)

Here are a few cute pics we caught this month. Really and truly, my mission is just to keep him alive right now. Fortunately, I know this is a stage and not something that lasts forever...but he's so darn cute I don't even mind!

Checking myself out in the mirror. Do I look okay ladies?
Loves, loves, loves baths and throws a huge fit every time he is taken out.
Splish, splash
The boys are having so much fun together
I love making a mess!
Cutie on the go...
He's quite the little poser
This is Carson to a "t." He LOVES spinning wheels and he always crosses his feet. I love his little toes.
And finally, my favorite....what a little mac daddy!
No he isn't auditioning for Chippendales...this was a pic of mommy trying to get him undressed after his dedication. He was on the go so much I had to grab him in phases. HA!

Bathing Buddies

How precious are my babies?! I had to post these if for no other reason, to show Alex someday that she DID adore playing with her little brother and even playing in the tub! She continues to blow me away with her love for Carson. Yesterday she asked me if we could wake him up from his nap so he could take a bath with her. Aww. Just had to share these priceless photos.

Alex, mommy didn't photoshop these pictures. You REALLY did this...and you loved it!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thanksgiving '09

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We were fortunate to celebrate with both of our families.
Part 1: We spent the day with the Wagners, Cottiers and Morans in Farmersville, Texas. I have to say it was one of my favorite visits. Everyone was so gracious, helpful and laid back. The kids had a blast and boy did we enjoy an amazing feast! My fam can cook it up. Here are pics from our day in Farmersville:

Alex was IN LOVE with this sweet kitten
Alex & Thomas were best friends. I love this picture. So precious.
Alex & Thomas checking out the lizard tank.
My sweet daddy loving on his girl.
There is always one "turkey casualty"-- my dad has become the sleeping Grandpa. Ha!
Mel and Cindy
Genie was great and helped Alex & Thomas with all of the animals
This picture makes me melt. My sweet grandmother and my precious daughter share a moment.
Dang, my boys are hot!
Jake & Noelle (Stuart's kiddos)
Moran girls
Mel with Noelle, the bride-to-be
We steal a moment with Carson. He was all over the place!
Natalee Grace is getting so big. What a doll.
Nikki & Carson - she has a gift with the little ones.
Stuart and his "little girl"- awww.
These two are nothing but trouble!

Part 2: Since the kids were out of school all week, the Darby crew decided to get together early and enjoy a week at the cabin. We met DeDe & Pops and Andrea with her 3 sons at the "little cabin in the woods" on the White River reserve in Arkansas. Nathan stayed behind to work and I have to say it was one of the LONGEST drives of my life. I was glazed over when we finally arrived but it was so so worth it! We had the best week. It was so great to get away from it all. No technology, no stress...just nature and playtime. The kids were in heaven. Deb & Darby just built a new addition to the cabin... a room that sleeps 12! This became the playroom for the kids which we loved, and so did they. Caden, Dru & Eston are the best cousins a girl could ask for. They are always so kind to her and take her in. Alex can definitely hold her own with them too which makes it nice. They tought Alex to build a mean fort. All of the kids loved playing with Carson too. He was all over the place. He spent the day "mall walking" around the entire house. We made smores around the campfire, did several fun art projects and the mommies made custom coasters while the kids slept. Nathan and AJ joined us later in the week which was so much fun. It made the holiday perfect. The meal was to die for and the week away was just what our family needed. I was SOOO happy to have Nathan with us for the drive home!! Happy Thanksgiving to all. We have so very much to be thankful for.
The kids worked on art projects throughout the week. Dru and Alex had a blast together.
Carson shows off his mad walking skills
Aunt Onnie gave Carson the coolest shirt. It says "my aunt rocks." She does rock!
Alex and DeDe patiently watch the shrinky dinks together
Cute girls
I love his big brown eyes!!!
All of the kids huddle around the oven to watch the shrinky dinks
Alex shows off her butterfly creation. Love her Princess Leia hair.
Daddy gets some cuddle time in with his princess
Alex was all over the pumpkin pie...and the whipped cream!
As usual, "the tank" put away more food than anyone can comprehend. Where does it go??
Carson enjoying the outdoors
I adore this picture of DeDe and Carson. I was sitting on the porch and just watching them together. It was a sweet moment.
Daddy & Alex practice "sic 'em bears"
Daddy carries a reluctant princess to bed. She was NOT happy. HA!
What a wonderful holiday. We are so blessed to have our amazing families. Thank you all for an incredible Thanksgiving!