Saturday, April 10, 2010

Crazy girl!

Seriously?! After a fun afternoon of playing outside, Nathan turned the sprinklers on and I went inside to get Alex a drink. We were headed in for bed, of course. When I came out to get Alex this is what I found!
"There's a little baby in the water, there's a little baby in the water. WAAAAHHHHH!"

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A few Alex randoms: March 2010

Here are a few cute pics from this past month:

Our girl is loving ballet and loves having her hair braided. Daddy did her hair. Can you believe it?

Alex picked this outfit out from head to toe. So cute!

Not the best pic of Al, but we all went to visit Daddy at his office and there were gorgeous tulips outside.

Ghetto superstar is at it again. This is 100% Alex's ensemble.

I got a profile pic so you could see her "wedding veil" she made and taped to the crown.

Cutie for picture day

Bad iPhone pic. New ballet outfit.

Finally, a pic of her girlfriends, Kaitlyn & Katie. They are so precious together!