Saturday, December 6, 2008

ghetto princess

We always say that Alex is our "ghetto princess" because she shows up every morning in our bed wearing a hilarious mixture of clothing and accessories. She is such a mess. My roommates in college always made fun of my "bed head"...well, I know where she gets it :) Here is the latest...

I also caught her playing dress up in my closet...note her "friend" has on heels too:

I also wanted to post a few Alex-isms. She is a riot. Here are a few of her special little phrases:

*"My beak hurts"-- this is referring to a sore throat. 90% of the time she thinks she is a Scarlet Macaw. What is it with birds?

*"Wiper tape"-- toilet paper

*"Someday when I grow up big and tall I get to eat SALT." How sad. Only our child would aspire to do this.

*"I can't like that"--I've never heard her use "I don't."

*"Pecker chips"-- baked lays. No clue. Maybe she means cracker chips?

*"And dear God say"-- she says this after each section of her prayer. For example" Dear God, thank you for my mommy and my daddy. And dear God say thank for Emmy and Macy and dear God say thank you for my friends and baby Carson and dear God say AMEN. Umm...this is from mommy and daddy telling her "Alex, when you pray say dear God" she must think you say and dear God say to get into heaven.

*"Swallowed"-- she thinks we are going to swallow baby Carson. We keep explaining it's a SWADDLE. She always sticks out her pouty lip and says "I can't like you to swallow baby Carson. If he is in your tummy I'll never see him again."

It really will be so sad when she gets everything right.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Carson month 3: November 2 - December 2

I've read a lot about colic over the past few months and one thing I've read consistently is at 3 months, most colicky babies are magically better overnight. Of course I've been cautiously optimistic that he would get better over time and sure enough he magically turned from the "I want to throw you out a window" baby to "the most perfect baby EVER." Of course I am kidding but any mother that has had a colicky infant can relate. I still can't believe the drastic change in this sweet little guy. I am so thankful that Carson is doing well. He is an absolute angel. He literally throws a pep-rally every time you look at him. It doesn't take much to get a huge grin. And, he has precious dimples like his daddy when he smiles really big. Ahhh, I can't get enough!

A few highlights from weeks 8-12:
*He has doubled his birth weight and now weighs 14 pounds. His pediatrician said "He's a moose like his daddy. He will be a football player for sure." He's already in 3-6 month clothes so we like to say he's advanced.
*Sleeping- he is sleeping consistently 8-9 hours now! Of course it seems like he is also in a growth spurt constantly (we've given him the nickname spurt), so we still have plenty of sleepless nights. But overall, he is an amazing sleeper and takes naps every cycle of his 3 hour schedule. Heaven!
*He loves his play mat. He can grab on to his toys now which is big fun. Has very intense conversations with his giraffe, monkey and rooster.
*He's quite the conversationalist. He coos all the time. He will look into your eyes and just tell you all about his life. It is so cute. Picture at 12 weeks...he loves his paci and so do we.
Alex has been the most amazing big sister. She calls Carson "her little fella." She will go over to him when we aren't looking and give him kisses on the forehead. She actually said "Mmma, he's the most precious baby I've ever seen. Can we keep him forever?" WOW! I knew that Alex had a nurturing side, but she's blown me away with him. I've never had oned moment with her. I really thought she would treat him like Macy. She thinks putting sand and bubbles in her eyes is a good idea. Whew, thank you God!
Here is a pic of mommy and Carson at Anna's birthday party. He is 9 weeks old in the pic:

Our biggest highlight was of course, Thanksgiving! We were blessed to celebrate with both sides of the family. We went to the Wagner's house (Moran fam) in Farmersville, Texas to eat the meal and watch the Cowboys play. I think there were 30 of us in one house. The food was terrific and Carson got to wear his first Thanksgiving outfit. What else do you call it for boys? I know outfit isn't the right word but Mariah Carey's "ensemble" is even worse.

Over the actual holiday, Nathan, Mel, Alex, Carson, Emmy & Macy all packed up and headed to the Darby cabin. I'll post all of the pics from our trip soon. I was SO nervous thinking of all 6 of us in the car for 8 hours. I am so proud of Carson. He NEVER cried. I sat in the back most of the time keeping the kids entertained, but it was soooo much better than expected. I was holding both of their hands- it was precious. A few of Carson's highlights from Thanksgiving:
Lots of lovin' with Pops:

Cuddles and love from DeDe:

Family members had to fight Aunt Onnie for Carson time. She loved on him a ton:

Uncle B was amazing with Carson and stole him a few times too:

And, Carson got to meet the Darby cousins: Caden, Dru, & Eston. Here are all the cousins together: Dru giving Carson bunny ears:Carson was hardly ever put down. In fact, Aunt Onnie gave him the "best baby she's ever met" award...and she doesn't give awards lightly. That was a big compliment! Yeah for a happy and healthy SPURT!