Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A day in heaven...

Heaven's Seven Ranch - Farmersville, Texas

As I mentioned last week, we loaded up the family for a quick trip to Texas. We were fortunate to stay with the whole clan out at "Heaven's Seven Ranch." My parents are living here and enjoying it so much. I love hearing them talk about "country living" and all of the excitement that comes with it.

We had a fantastic visit and man, did we eat like kings (and queens). Kelley was amazing in the kitchen - and we had a wonderful time catching up with everyone. I loved that Grandma "Granddam" got to see my babies and I LOVED getting to hug my CANCER FREE Aunt Genie. God is awesome and faithful. We had a lot of blessings to celebrate this year.  Alex and Carson had a blast playing with Scott & Kelley's kids - fun was had by all.

Back to the ranch...The family just got a new horse, Houdini. YaYa (my mom) was in heaven (literally) as she took us out for a ride. I think it's the happiest I've seen her in a few years. Especially in that moment. The pictures explain much better than I can:

The girls in action

Beautiful Mom

Happy, happy girl

THIS IS HAPPINESS.  Mom, I adore this photo of you! 

Did I mention Alex rode bareback?!?  STUD!

Amazing!  So proud of my daughter

Alex was patient and sweet - careful and cautious

I even got to take a turn riding bareback - amazing experience!  I grew up riding and man, I miss it.

Interesting clothing choice, eh?  LOL!  PJ's :)

Happy girls!

Alex loved leading me...

Doesn't get better than this.  Ever.

YaYa and Sissy show Carson how to pet Houdini

Carson was incredibly responsive and thought the horse was "awesome"

The boys loved watching us girls play

Hieee!  Am I precious?

Running, running, running

Look at my mom's face - precious  moments

"Nice job, Carson" - he said that to himself after petting Houdini

Kids and animals - one of my favorite combos

Sweet girls - Natalee Grace and Alex

Carson actually fed Houdini too!

As you can see, it was a special, magical day for our family. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A few of my favorite things

Carson is at the most adorable stage ever!  I truly can't imagine him being ANY cuter, sweeter or more precious.  He just turned three back in September and we are loving every minute.  I wanted to make sure and capture a few of our favorites so they are not forgotten:
1."Dank you, Mommy"- he's so polite and always says thank you for things
2. "Quiet mouth" - when he's being too loud, he covers his mouth and says "Shh, too loud,  Carson needs a quiet mouth."
3. He sings Happy Birthday to french fries.  "Happy Birthday dear French Fries..." at least once a day.  Too cute!
4. He loves to "take a bow" anytime he does something good.  "Carson take a bow."  "Daddy, take a bow..." you get the idea.  Everyone in the house takes bows daily.
5. "Mommy sad - mommy cry" - he loves it when we "pretend cry" so he can run into our arms and tickle us and cheer us up!

Precious, angelic child! I want to eat him up!