Thursday, July 23, 2009

Father's Day on the lake

I am still a solid month behind on the blog, but slowly catching up. We spent Father's Day on Grapevine Lake with the DeWall family. They just got an awesome ski boat and we were thrilled to get the invite. Gotta love friends with the hook up!

I am SO proud of our little girl. She is so brave. She's never been on a ski boat or the lake, so I wasn't sure if she would be intimidated or scared. Oh no, not Alex! She was the first one to volunteer to go tubing. I was scared for her-- what if she was thrown off, etc?! There was nothing to worry about -- she was a stud! She kept letting go of the rope with one hand to give the "thumbs up" (which means faster) signal. She has no fear! She didn't want it to end. She got to ride the tube twice. It was so fun to watch her and I think she had a permagrin for the rest of the day. She was in heaven!

Nathan and I gave it a try too which was quite entertaining. The goal was to see if we could throw the person off the tube...we both managed to hold on but both of us were sore for a few days. We worked some muscles that hadn't been used in a while - ha! We are looking forward to our next lake day where will tackle water skiing!

Father's Day fun

Daddy and Carson had major father/son bonding time

Our little daredevil!

Nathan did an amazing job hanging on-- we tried HARD to throw him!

Mel went airborne several times!
Carson cheered us on! He loved the lake-- never made a fuss.
Alex and Sam (her boyfriend) watched Abbi take a turn

It was a big day at sea. We were all wiped out!