Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bring on the baby!

We are finally ready for this little guy to get here! Nathan and I got Carson's room 98% finished this weekend. As you can see in the pics, we still have a few things to fix (there is still one of Alex's girly knobs on the dresser and we are going to by dark wooden hooks for the art over the crib) but now you can get the idea of what his nursery looks like! We are having a custom cross painted for the wall as well. The picture frames include original photography I took while we were at Fossil Rim of baby giraffe and zebras. That was a fun little personal addition. I really struggled finding the bedding and patterns. Most all of the boy nurseries are a theme like "sports" but I really wanted to find something funky and artistic. Carson will be into cars and football soon enough and then mom won't get a vote. I am just so relieved to have it done! And thank you Nathan for all of the painting!!! He has been such a trooper since coming home from California-- he's been put to work in a serious way and has had an amazing attitude and we've really enjoyed getting ready for the baby together.