Friday, March 16, 2012

Our baby turns 7! - February 16, 2012

Note: my dates are all out of whack - I am posting as I get time and will make sense of it all later for the book :) ----

Alex Darby, our first born baby turned seven years old today. I have so many thoughts in my head and so many things I want her to know. But first, really, I have a 7 year old??? How old does that make ME sound?!

Yes, I know it's not about me...just had to throw that in because it's unreal telling people I have a seven year old!  The older the kids get, the faster life moves...and I wish it would all slow down because I believe these *are* the best years of our life.  I am still her hero.  I don't want that to change.

Back to what's important, our girl. Alex has made our life worth living I think this year instead of writing a sappy letter, I am going to summarize her amazing life by photos that really capture her spirit and personality. I can tell you for days all of the things that make her who she is (which is an incredible child of God that keeps everyone on their toes)...but I think the pictures will tell a better story than I ever could. Enjoy! 

BU Cheerleader in training at 16 months
BU Cheerleader in training at 21 months
Full of life ballerina (2)
Sunlight in everyone's day (2)
Look at that hiney in the mirror...and that smile! (2)
BU Cheerleader in yes, there's a theme here (2)
B.B's water buddy and best friend (2)
HILARIOUS! (wearing my maternity undies as a wrestling costume?!) 3 years
Love for animals and life (3)
Goof-ball (3)
Adored by three Darby cousins
Angelic (3)
Encourager (3)
Ghetto fabulous princess (3 1/2)
Flirty, flirt, flirt (3 1/2)
Loves to imagine and play make-believe (3)
Drama Queen (3 1/2)
Believes anything is possible - dreamer (4)
Gorgeous inside and out (4)
Diva-sass (4)
Rule Breaker (4)
Passionate about the things she LOVES (4)
Excited to live each day and treats life as a gift (5)
Did I mention she is beautiful? (5)
Amazing sister (6)
A leader to many...(6)
BU Cheerleader in training (6)
Did I say she is a sassy drama queen? (6)
Princess inside and out (6)
Pops' Pretty-Princess (6)
YaYa's Daredevil (6)

YaYa's best friend (6)
DeDe's Kid with Character & girl fix (7)
Daddy's girl through and through
Daddy's best date he's ever had
Mommy's trailblazer
Mommy's cheer up girl
Mommy's GIRL!
Mommy's everything.  And yes I get the most pictures - deal!
Funky, rough and tumble outdoors tomboy
Mud-loving, can hang with the guys kinda chick
Brightest smile I've ever seen (7)

Enjoys the moment (7)
Innocent and tender (7)
Cheerful and giddy (7)
Hottie who has no clue...(7)
The total package

Dear God, Thank you for the most precious daughter any family could ask for. We love her for so many reasons and we know that you gave her to us specifically. Please protect her heart and spirit. Please keep her safe in your grip. Thank you. Thank you, Daddy.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Alex loses her 1st tooth!

March 12, 2012 - Alex turned 7 last month and we were beginning to wonder if she was the only 7 year old on the planet that hasn't lost a tooth! All I can say is that she must be a late bloomer like her Mama :)

Tonight after dinner Alex and I were talking and I asked her if she thought it was time to pull the tooth.  She anxiously said, "Oh yeah baby, it's ready to go!"  So like any good Mom, I pull out the iPad and start researching "how to pull a baby tooth" - ha!  The idea of dental floss and slamming doors just didn't sit well with me and Daddy doesn't "do blood" so I knew I was on my own.  After reading one article, I laughed and said, "Come here, I am just gonna pull this sucker out on my own."  And I did.  I reached in with a napkin and yanked that bad boy out.  She was sooo excited and proud and shocked.  She never complained of pain, thought the blood was "actually awesome" and she immediately started "FaceBlogging" (ha - what she calls FaceTime) her fam & friends to show off.  A few favorite quotes I overheard on the phone:
* I can't believe I have a huge ole hole in my head
* Daddy was a total scardey-cat. He went into the other room and played a game on his phone so he wouldn't freak out
* My mommy did it all by herself.  I am proud of Mama. (awww!)
* I think you guys should stop talking about yourselves and start talking about the really big thing that just happened in MY life.  (I am not even kidding - word for word!)

Love my girl!  She is such a trip. to fetch the Tooth Fairy.  Good times.  The best times, really.

Our proud girl

She took this picture so we could always remember what the little fella looks like

The "hole in her head" she was bragging about