Thursday, May 17, 2012


May 8th, 2012 - this was a huge night for our family!  Our sweet Alex made the talent show at her school.  There was quite a bit of competition too - we were so sad for several of Alex's dear friends that didn't make it.  I was shocked at how many people auditioned and how many were not chosen.  The day she found out she made it, she had very mixed emotions.  At first, she was more upset for her friends that didn't make the show (which was precious!)  It was a great teaching moment, because we all know that you can win everything ;) The talent show represented the entire school, grades K-5th.

Our little Diva decided to sing The Little Mermaid's "Part of Your World" song.  She did SUCH a fantastic job!  YaYa came in all the way from Texas, DeDe and Pops came, of course Daddy and I were there and Alex even had her own cheering section of friends and family!  It meant the world that so many of our friends came out in support!

Enough typing...the pics and the performance tell it all.  YOU ROCKED BABY GIRL!  And by the way, we LOVED that you waved to all of your fans.  You acted like a seasoned professional but it was only your first time on stage.  Now we have that footage for when you make it big someday ;)  Love you and so proud baby!
Our little Ariel is ready to go!
I wish she would stop being so camera shy - seriously!  All you have to do is show her a camera and she takes over.

Insane in the membrane
YaYa + Alex = BFF

DeDe and Pops are her biggest fans

Proud parents

Daddy got a kiss!


Mommy was sooooo proud!
Alex showed us some of her art displayed on the way in....

A few adoring fans, Kylie and Macy

The sweetest lady asked Alex to sign her program.  Her first autograph!  Love it!

Walking out with the best grandmas on the planet!
Click here to see the Diva in action!


There is where we are in our
  • Carson is potty trained - woohoo!
  • Had the best Mother's Day ever (there have only been 7 so far, but I'll take it).
  • Alex has lost 4 teeth now - 2 by us pulling them, 2 via the dentist (yikes!)
  • Alex's last day of school is May 30th.  I can't believe we are at the end of her 1st grade year.
  • Carson is doing so so good!  Reading like no 3 year old's business ;)  He's just the most precious child!  I am so thankful for his angelic spirit.  He's pushed us a LOT lately, but his core is pure gold.
  • Nathan is doing great at his job.  His 1 year anniversary with LWSI is coming in July - he has made me so proud
  • My DAD GOT A JOB!!!!!!  And his first pay check on Monday.  God is so so good!  We are incredibly proud of him, and them for making it this far.  HANG IN THERE GUYS :)
  • We are loving our life in Little Rock.  We never questioned the move, but it is nice when God continues to reaffirm your leaps of faith :)