Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day - Kindergarten Party

I was sooo excited to be a part of Alex's fun day. I volunteered to throw Alex's Valentine's Day party at Coyote Ridge. Linda, the class mom, was a rock star and did so much to make the party perfect. It's so hard letting go - I mean, she's away more than she is home now. I always want to go and peek in at her and see how her day is being there and throwing the party was so much fun as you can imagine. How could 20 kids + pounds of sugar + a sundae bar + arts and crafts + games + prizes = anything other than amazing fun?!

First of all, it was the fastest two hours of my life. We crammed so much in to the party! That was good planning because 20 kids hyped up on sugar-crack can get out of hand in a flash, so having an agenda was essential. We played bingo, box-in-a-box, made take home crafts for the parents, and had a fully supplied sundae bar. At one point I saw a child just flailing about - they had so much candy they literally couldn't control their body at all. I wasn't responsible for the food. If you know me at all, I avoid sugar like the plague with Alex, so this was a lot for Mommy to process. Hey, it was a gotta let them be kids!

Alex was a very proud kiddo - she loved introducing me to all of her friends. She made sure I met each and every person. I enjoyed getting the scoop on each friend. It was adorable. I really do wish I could be there everyday. It was so much fun to be a part of kindergarten for just a day. Here are a few pics. I wasn't able to take many because my hands were full the entire time.
Our sweet little Valentine - she had a t-shirt made that says "Alex"

Kiddos prepping the crafts

Linda helps the blue table make heart pendants Alex was diligent and wanted to make Mommy a very special gift
Finished product - nice work, Alex

The girls helped set up the sundae bar

Alex was trying to quiet the class - shocker! Too funny!

Box-in-a-box game

Alex was chosen to unwrap one of the layers. Check out that cuteness.

Mommy made a picture!

Alex, thank you for making every single day of my life fun. I am your biggest fan!