Friday, February 26, 2010

This explains it all....

How I am currently feeling:

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Prayers for Carson

My apologies for not doing a better job updating the blog with Carson's issues, but I'm just surviving right now and doing the best I can. This is a bit cryptic, I realize...

Quick summary: pediatrician diagnosed Carson with "leaky gut." While I nursed for the first 12 months, I eliminated any foods in my diet that would cause a bad reaction for Carson. Since then, I've been living in a corner and in fear of trying new things because anything I feed him upsets him (except hemp milk, meat, some veggies and a few fruits).

We ran a stool analysis to try and see if we could start getting some answers. We learned that his PH levels are off, he has off the chart levels of bad bacteria in his gut and he is not able to absorb the beneficial nutrients in food. The best way I can describe it is: when he eats food, his white blood cell army goes to battle, fighting the wrong enemy. Any substance (good or bad) is attacked and is immediately eliminated from his body. He is not absorbing any amino acids, vitamins, etc., and his system is unable to process and eliminate toxins properly. Additionally, his immune system is compromised, so he gets sick VERY easily.

Next step: 40 day antibiotic to try and kill the colonies of bad bacteria, add a very strong probiotic, put him on a spectrum supplement and modify the diet.
Next step: meet with nutritionist. Currently, we have him on farm fresh goat milk and all organic and fresh foods. This means hours in the kitchen daily...dramatic lifestyle adjustment, but beginning to see some results.


Morning meds (just for Carson):
Clearly, this is cathartic for me to document our journey. Have I lost it completely? :)

Yesterday: I took Carson to see a GI specialist. I left totally overwhelmed, but it's amazing what a few hours of perspective, research and prayer can do. The specialist examined Carson's belly and said he is concerned because it is distended (very swollen). It has been from birth. He explained that we need to be able to actually see what is going on in the gut, and I agree. Right now, I feel like I am just dealing with one big experiment and doing a lot of guessing. He is concerned that he could have a severe condition (Eosiniophilic Enteritis) but I read about it online and it's very rare and I'm not going to go there until I have to or need to. He said it could also be a minor issue that can be treated medically. He said the all natural diet and supplements are a great start, but until we are able to run tests and see the gut, it's all a guessing game.

So, next Friday (March 5) Carson will have an Espohagogastroduodenoscopy (ha! it's an upper endoscopy). He will be under anesthesia and they will put a scope down his throat and take
samples of his throat, stomach and intestines. He also said that they
will draw all of the blood work while he is "sleeping" so I won't have
to go through that trauma later.

I am scared and the thought of putting him under anesthesia again within a 6 week
period of time is overwhelming. But, I do agree that we need to
find out what is going on. Even if it's bad news, it's
knowledge....and we need some answers.

Keep our little brave man in your prayers! Pray for sanity, wisdom, perspective, and brilliant physicians!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sweet & Sassy Birthday Party

"Sweet & Sassy" are the perfect words to describe Alex's 5th birthday party. On Saturday, February 20, Alex had her "Princess Diva Glam" birthday party at Sweet & Sassy at the Willowbend mall. Each birthday has unique memories:
1st birthday: her first everything, homemade cake, watching her dig into the cake
2nd birthday: Petland! Watching all of her 2 year old friends freak out at the "burds"
3rd birthday: hospital with tonsillectomy complications....redo at Pump-It-Up
4th birthday: BLUE birthday at Going Bonkers. Very special day for us.
5th birthday: I think this one might be my favorite yet. She is just SO big. I can't get over how sweet and precious she is. She said "thank you for the best party ever" on the way home. This birthday was all girl and over the top. Heaven for a mommy that loves to throw parties!

A few special memories from our day:
- Seeing the reaction of each girl once she was done getting "glammed up" by the staff
- Watching the girls each get crowned in a special princess ceremony
- Watching the girls get on stage and dance
- Sitting back and realizing I was there laughing and taking photos. No nursing, changing diapers or melt downs. Just big fun. Whew, we made it Alex Darby! You are officially big stuff.

Jaime & Kaitlyn and YaYa (my mom) had extenuating circumstances and couldn't join, but we missed you and thought of you and wished you were with us.

I had a really hard time narrowing down the photos, so prepare yourself for pink and glitter overload:

"I've chosen my dress. TA-DAH"

Alex & Katie B. "pre-makeover"

Each girl had their own chair

The whole crew
Alex checking out her new do

They did a fantastic job!

Beautiful Jia

Alex & London compare their manicures

"Being beautiful is exhausting"

Not sure what the pouty face is about, but it's cute!

Princess Katie receives her crown
Alex & London pose
Professionals at work
Alex is presented at the ceremony
Evelyn & Alex (Pre-K buddies)
The royal court
Abbi, Alex & Gracie
Mel & Debbie take the stage. HA!
Sweet moment with my mom-in-love. You are amazing!
Mel with Aunt Cindy, (other-other mom). I am surrounded with amazing women in my life.
The coveted Barbie cake. Note, Alex put 6 candles on the cake. It was her day so she called the shots. We told her it was one to grow on.
This cake has been on "the list" for months. She was SO happy! She told the lady, "don't cut my barbie and hurt her."
Making her wish...
Glucose overload begins
Alex loving her gifts
DeDe steals a kiss from the birthday girl
Happy Darby girls
Kristi & Brigitte...what are y'all doing? They are always up to something :)
Headed home and had to stop for a breather

Here is a video from the "princess crowning ceremony"

If you can't view the video, click here:

I don't know how we will be able to top this one!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snow Day-- February 11, 2010

We just experienced the "most snow in a single day" in Texas history. We got 8 inches of snow! UNREAL! Needless to say, Alex was freaking out. She has been asking for snow for months. Um, she got her wish. Here are some pics from our frigid, but fantastic day:

School wasn't cancelled, so she headed to her pre-K Valentine's party


Alex & Daddy brave the arctic conditions :)

Mommy & Alex decide to get crazy and jump on the trampoline with 8 inches of snow. Heavy!

Alex & Daddy get into a major snowball fight

Our little snow angel

She nailed Daddy with this massive snowball

Don't worry, daddy got his revenge

Check out all of the snow!

Our home

All smiles after building the huge snowman

We are FROZEN!

B.B. & YaYa came over and built a snowman with Alex in the backyard too. After a long and fun day, we all cuddled on the couch and watched Ice Age 3 together. What a perfect day!

American Girl party

Gracie, one of Alex's best friends, had her 5th birthday party at the American Girl boutique. Mommy & Alex had a special morning together and enjoyed a huge breakfast and shopping with all of Gracie's friends. Here are a few pics from our day:

Alex enjoying hot chocolate with her baby doll, Ellie

The Darby girls

Alex & Gracie

The whole crew
We had an awesome day!