Tuesday, November 18, 2008


*The obvious: gas prices. Praise the Lord! I remember actually spending $100 to fill up this summer. Yesterday it was $42.48.

Thank you, Costco!
*Turtleneck season. Totally kidding.

*Having a mother-in-law that is brave enough to keep Alex while Nathan is gone. Her husband is out of town as well AND she is watching our nephew, Eston. It's official, I have the coolest MIL. Stud!

*Portable potty seats. Thank goodness we had this on the drive to Texarkana. Alex had a phantom "schwooie" aka "poop" and we used this several times along the country roads. Lovely.
I really hope she doesn't see this as a teenager. She would kill me!

*Only having one kiddo. It's amazing how easy it feels just having one little one around now. There is no alone time yet, but I know that will change. I'm so happy to get some great quality time with Carson this week. We've named him "Spurt" because he is constantly in a growth spurt.

*Heidi getting fired from Bolthouse. Spencer's evil plot is working. Yes, I watch the Hills and I love it. "MAYBE YOU'RE THE PROBLEM!!!!!"

*Chick-fil-a is getting me through this crazy no dairy, no rice diet. Thank you for nuggets! I'm pretty sure we are there at least 4 times a week.

*Sleep: we are getting real sleep. Overnight. It's heaven.