Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Carson month 11: July 2 - August 2

I can't believe Carson is 11 months old. Every month brings new challenges, new firsts and many changes. We are all having a blast raising this baby (Alex included).
We had our first sick scare this month. While in Little Rock celebrating Deb's birthday, I was pretty sure Carson was sick or had an ear infection. He was up for several nights in a row and even had bloody ears from pulling at them so frequently. When I noticed blood, we packed him up and headed to the pediatric ER. That was a nightmare! All I wanted to find out was if he had an ear infection. The doc said his ears looked great. I knew we were dealing with teething at that point, but the doc insisted on running EVERY test in the book to make sure we weren't missing anything. I really didn't want to watch him go through the "heck" he went through. They did a CBC test which required a foot prick and they literally squeezed blood from his foot and held him down for 15 minutes. Keep in mind this was at 10:30 at night (and my mom in love and sis in love were at the movies....so I was missing out and sad). After checking for everything imaginable, the doc said he had a viral infection. She diagnosed him with hand, foot & mouth. Whatever! Even I know he didn't show any symptoms of the coxsackie virus. GRR. We left irritated and I still think he was just teething. Such is life. I do need to count our blessings-- that visit aside, Carson has never been sick. Not a cold-- nada. He's a healthy little dude, and I am so thankful for that! Moving on...
Carson celebrated his first Independence Day in Farmersville, Texas with my entire family. My aunt and uncle own 7 acres in the country and each year we shoot off hundreds of dollars of fireworks. This year we had 120 people there, so by the time everyone pitched in $5.00, we had an insane arsenal of explosives. Unfortunately, Carson slept through the fireworks, but his sis had a blast.
Carson's main achievements this month: crawling and diversity in diet. Carson is ALL over the place. He is pulling up on everything and exploring anything in reach. I feel like a helicopter hovering over him at all times. He got a hold of Alex's hairband and we caught him choking on it, so needless to say the house is completely baby proofed now. Whew! You can't leave him unattended for a moment. He is so much fun though! He is so proud of himself too. When he learns something new (clapping, waving, saying "pee-a-boo") he busts out with the biggest grin. He melts me like butta!
His diet is getting better and better by the day. His favorite food on earth is a good ole hot dog. He loves avocado, grapes, corn, peas, pears, green beans, asparagus, chicken and even tried sourdough bread. I am excited that his GI tract seems to be healing up. He has also become a "biter"...so nursing has NOT been so fun lately. Um, yeah. Unacceptable. I am slowly starting the weaning process by giving him 1/2 breast milk, 1/2 hemp milk. I am thrilled we discovered hemp milk. I could go on and on, but it's the most nutritious milk I could find (and trust that I researched like crazy). It has all of the necessary Omega 3 & 6's, has more calcium than cows milk, has no trans fat, etc. I am totally off subject, but if you haven't read about cow's milk, please take a moment to research. It truly isn't made for humans. Okay, I've said enough...email me if you want to talk about it. ANYWHOOOO ;)
Carson loves Baby Einstein too. Although he doesn't watch it often, he busts out in the biggest grin, giggles at the puppets and talks to them. It's so cute. I have no idea what he is saying, but he certainly knows!
Carson and Alex are really starting to play together now. It's the best! I know I say this every month, but she is simply amazing. She helps me make his meals and she is even assisting with feedings now. She loves to mix up his food and says "baby Carson, open big" and shoves a bite in his mouth. Now that he is mobile, he is all up her stuff, and bless her heart, she is so patient with him. He has pulled her hair a few times which was major drama. Otherwise, she lets him play with all of her toys and amazes me with her patience and adoration. If he is ever upset, she is the first to try and cheer him up. My favorite thing in the world is to listen to them giggle in the car together. She will sing and play with him and they are both belly laughing until everyone has hiccups. Ahh, this is a good place.
For some reason, he doesn't have his typical permagrin in pics this month, but I can assure you he is all smiles. He is really looking like his daddy more and more each day. I got a bit carried away with the 4th of July pics, but I couldn't eliminate any.
DeDe and the grandbabies celebrating her 59th birthday. Notice Alex has her eye on the prize.

Pops steals some lovin

Mommy and her buddy

Alex got a hold of him. Poor little fella. He doesn't have a fighting chance.

Aunt Onnie brought C his own firetruck couch as an early bday gift. Thanks Onnie!

Psycho in camo

Ahhh! I love him!

He actually has a 'normal' hairstyle in this pic. He's getting so much hair it's starting to lay flat :(

LOVE this pic. He gives us the tilted head grin constantly.

Not the cutest pic, but I have to include it b/c he is OBSESSED with this tractor. Look at his arm lovin' too. Love the baby phat!

Big sis assisting with mealtime. Check out the serious tan lines. TOO CUTE!
4th of July pics:
My favorite of the batch

I can't believe we are planning a birthday party for our little man. Stop it, stop it!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


*Summer concerts: We saw Coldplay in Dallas and the Idol tour in Little Rock all in one week. If you are a Coldplay fan, the concert is worth every penny. It was amazing. I've been listening to The Scientist, The Hardest Part and Sparks.

*Watching my little man accomplish something new every single day. He blows my mind. It's so special to watch someone you adore learn the ways of the world, and even more honoring to be the teacher.

*Rainforest Cafe: Mom and I took the kids to Rainforest Cafe this week. We had so much fun together. The company made the day special. I love you, mom. You are my best friend. I miss laughing with you like we did Friday. I am so proud of you and admire your undying optimism.

*Summer camps: pictures to come. Alex is in drill team camp, ballerina princess camp and a princess dress up camp.

*Grape propel...I've listed this before, but it deserves another shout out!

*Ballet...I'm actually considering taking classes again. I miss it.

*3GS: loving the speed and video features.

*Fruit snack fights: I love you, Nathan.

*Driving at the beginning of sunset. There is something really special about this time of day. I love to be outside just before the sun goes to sleep. Especially in the summer b/c it's finally cool enough to go out!

*Rolemodels: has anyone seen this movie? AHHH!

*Finally, a sentimental happy...realizing you are stronger than you thought you were. Motherhood has given me a sense of independence and strength. I adore this place in time.