Friday, August 7, 2009

Alex Bragging

I haven't talked much about Alex or her latest accomplishments, so let me fill you in:
*She is a fish in the water. She loves to dive and retrieve items from the bottom of the pool. She can swim across the pool and her favorite thing is to take "big jumps" from the high rocks over the deep water. Freak out! She is doing so well in the water.
*Her latest funny: she calls her bum area her "blowhole" -- ahh! I will leave it at that, but we have had a LOT of funny conversations about the blowhole as of late. NOT OKAY!
*Reading: she is learning the sounds of each letter and trying to read. She is asking to learn to read and is ready. I am excited about this step.
*Feeding Carson-- she makes his meals, puts on his bibs and will feed him. She makes her own PB&J's, snacks and completely brushes her teeth without assistance.
*Jesus: she knows that Jesus is God's son. She recognizes that Jesus created all of the great things in the world and that "satum" is evil.
*Singing is her one and only passion (well, then there are birds).....but she sings constantly. She is learning how to play the guitar as well. I have to say, I believe she is a true musical talent. I need to post videos of the girl....she can hold a tune and is incredibly passionate!
*Ballet: she loves to do her ballet all the time. She is starting ballet and tumbling classes next Wednesday. Another amazing moment for mommy.
*Mommy's helper: I am so thankful for my Alex. She is SO good. She has come such a long way in the past year. I adore her, and she tells me daily that she loves me and we are best friends. She will also comfort me when I am sad and empathizes when people are sad. She has a heart of gold! So proud of you, baby girl! Oh, and she wants earrings! I told her when she turns 5....which is just around the corner.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


One month from today, my BABY turns one. That seems so hard to imagine. Didn't I JUST have him?! Crazy!! Not sure if I am excited or sad. Probably a bit of both. My BABY?!!