Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ride of the Pink Pony (post by daddy)

Alex had her end of the year school play/program (will blog that later) but afterwards they had a pony ride, a bounce house, and an animal pin for kids to "play" with roosters, ducks, goats, and bunnies (the word "play" literally means chase, pickup, throw, bite, and was quite a site to see...sure hope PETA wasn't there).
Alex's eyes got as big as watermelons when she saw a "PINK PONY!!!" and screamed..."I wanna ride that pink pony". She named her " know, as in Municorn." She was trying to say unicorn...too funny.
Enjoy her "Ride of the Pink Pony"...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Our other babies

Our girls have become "B team" big time since the kiddos, but I wanted to give them a shout out b/c they are so adorable! Check out the precious bows. Our pups put up with so much child abuse. Love you Emmy & Macy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Head of the Class

Only our daughter! This is a pic taken from her preschool class this morning. Each morning, they start off the day with circle time led by the teacher. She's BOSSY!!

Doesn't she look adorable today? She asked me to put this picture on "her famous page"- ha!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Here are a few cute pics of Alex taken over the past month. She is doing so well! I can't say enough about her...she is having such a great time at school and getting perfect reports. Her drawing and coloring skills are night and day from even 6 weeks ago. She can write her name and 100% stay in the lines now when she colors. I need to scan some of her "works" (that's what she calls them). A few of her latest funnies:
*"Mom and Dad, you're the greatest parents"-- funny to hear her refer to us as parents.
*"I'm waaarrrnin' you"- scary threats from our princess
* Pumping-- um, yeah...she really enjoys mommy's pump. She usually pumps her tummy and chest. I have pics but they are shady :)
*"Mommy, my tummy is telling me that it's really hungry for chicken play"
* Convo between Alex & I: me: "Alex, don't waste the shampoo on making your bathtub pancakes. I have to use my coins at the store to buy your shampoo and I don't have any to spend right now." Alex: "Momma, silly..just ask daddy for more coins. If you ask nicely he will put some in your account. That why he goes to the "hoffice" everyday. Understand?!"
*"Mommy, I am a big girl now. I don't have fits. That's what babies do. Like baby Carson but he doesn't have any teeth. When I have fits I go to a really big time out, and I can't like that. I am a big girl and try really hard to be big so I can stay up late and drive a car."
*"Ugggh, mom!! I can't go to church yet because I don't have on any make-up!! I'm not beautiful unless I wear my make-up." SERIOUSLY?!?! I did NOT teach her that, I promise :)

Blue butterfly cookie from Aunt Onnie for Easter

Indoor Easter egg hunt

Check out my stash

Umm...not sure where my eggs went but look at how cute I am

She loves Sleeping Beauty. She wears her princess ensemble daily.

Checking herself out before school

SO cute! Look at all of her band aids..Ghetto princess!

She makes us so happy!

One of her many make-up parties

She does it all by herself

Am I fabulous?

Putting her face on for the day.
We are in soooo much trouble. DEVASTATION! hehe

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rachel's Baby Shower

One of my best friends, Rachel, had a baby shower two weeks ago in Dallas. Rachel and Ian have a precious 1 year old son, Elijah. Come early June, they will be adding another boy to the brood. Rough math says the brothers are only 13.5 months apart. Crazy!! Rachel is such an amazing mommy...if there is anyone that can handle Irish twins, she can! Here are a few pics from the shower. Love you Rach and can't wait to meet your next bundle of joy.

Rachel's mom, Mel & the cutest prego

We played several games. This one was "Guess Who the Baby Is"-- very fun!

Mommy opening her gifts

Classic Rachel laugh. LOVE her!!

Rachel & Mel, friends for 11 years