Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kaitlyn's 5th Birthday - Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy 5th birthday, Kaitlyn! KK is one of Alex's best friends and now that Alex is in full time school, the girls hardly see each other anymore. We've squeezed in a few slumber parties but it just isn't the same. When we found out Kaitlyn was having a princess birthday bash, we were soooo excited!
The party didn't disappoint. Alex thought she died and went to princess heaven. She had the best time with all of the sweet girls. Alex was incredibly well behaved - patient, sweet and used lovely manners. It was such a fun day. It was great for Mommy too because I don't get much 1-on-1 time with Alex these days. I miss her so much. We had a great time singing in the car and I loved watching her get all dolled up.
Kaitlyn looked like a little bride. Sweet Jaime teared up several times. KK's little sister, Sophia (our God daughter) was perfect. She was in the middle of the action for most of the party and loved it. I got to hold her for quite a while at the end of the party and that made my day.
As you will see from the pictures, we all had a blast. Happy, happy birthday to one of the most precious little girls I know!

Alex picked her dress

Princess getting prepped

Can you tell she was having fun?

Our little diva

She looks like she is 13 in this picture. STOP growing up so quickly!

The precious birthday princess, Kaitlyn

Alex taking her down down the runway (she took a bow for everyone - too funny)

Sweet birthday girl

She's quite the little poser

My absolute favorite picture of the group. Alex (almost 6), Kaitlyn (5), and Katie (4). Future Baylor friends and future bridesmaids we hope!

Kaitlyn + Alex = BFF

Friday, December 17, 2010

This is why you wake up at 4am

Nathan captured this beautiful picture on the water...
Forked Lake, White River Reserve - The Darby Cabin 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thanksgiving at the Darby Cabin, November 24-28, 2010

It was another fabulous holiday at the Darby cabin. We spent five glorious days with DeDe, Pops, ABCDE and Barb and Darrin (Andrea's mom and brother). The anticipation of the trip had been long building with me working and Alex in school...we were both anxious to take a break from reality! Nathan was super excited to get some male bonding time in with his dad and brother and we were all excited to show Carson off to everyone. He has progressed so much since the last time we were together. We were especially excited for the boys (CDE), Aunt Onnie and Uncle B to spend quality time with Carson.

The drive was long as usual, but the kids were such troopers and made the trek bearable. After we arrived and unpacked every thing but the kitchen sink, we all visited and shared stories. The kids were up and at ready to party at the crack of dawn every day - they were just so happy to be together. This was Carson's first "real" visit where he could participate more with the big kids...and it was so fun to watch everyone interact with him. Dru was (as always) Carson's sidekick. Dru has always shared a special connection with Carson and this visit was no exception. He took Carson for a walk and spent hours playing games with him (and drew numbers, letters and shapes for hours). He never seemed to mind. Of course Alex was in heaven with her cousins. She was "all boy" - so she thought. I asked Caden if she made a good tom boy and he said, "She would be an awful boy...but she is great being a girl. We should have at least one in the family." The kids built wonderful forts, made art projects with Onnie, baked with Missy (that's what they all call me), and got loads of Pops & DeDe lovin.

The guys got up at 4am every morning and went duck hunting. Nathan had a blast and hasn't stopped talking about it. I know he is super excited to go back for New Years. One of our highlights was waiting for the guys to come home from the hunt each morning. We would all go outside and listen to their heroic stories and take pictures of our huntin' men.

Andrea was a pro and took amazing family pictures for all of us. I was really pleased with them - we finally got some great sibling photos. I've been trying to get a good Alex & Carson picture for over a year, so thank you Andrea for being the alpha and doing such a great job! I loved our super late night chat, by the way. I love having you as my sista!

DeDe and Barb spent hours in the kitchen and made the ENTIRE Thanksgiving meal gluten free. Nathan thought he had died and gone to heaven. We all did, actually. As usual we all took a turn sharing our blessings for the year and it was very special time for our family. I love Thanksgiving! I mean who wouldn't - you have family, fellowship, fun, football and food...does it get any better than that?

As you will see from the 67 pictures attached, we had an absolute blast. I am so thankful to be a part oft his incredible family. God exceeded my prayers and wishes for a family like the Darby's. Every single day I thank God for this family.

Dru's Thanksgiving welcome note

A picture from our patio

On old abandoned home

Silos around the corner from the cabin

My three handsome nephews
Another view of the silos
Awesome Jeep!

V-formation that looked like a mountain

The boys found an opossum. Gross!

Precious picture of Eston and Dru

I love this one of the three boys - classic

Could they be any cuter

I love that Dru our "firecracker" is standing under the reward sign - very appropriate


Caden (10), Dru (7), Eston (6)

Nice spiral, Eston

Alex & Mommy share a sweet moment

Aunt Onnie got a lot of Alex lovin'

Precious Darby girls

Carson woke up from his nap and immediately jumped in his feeding seat....because we never feed that child. He is so deprived.

Alex & Daddy Sic 'Em

Eston & Uncle N8 stunt too
This is as good as it gets for a 2 year old stunter in training

Such a rugged chick making s'mores

The kids anxiously wait for their s'mores and pizza sandwiches hand made at the fire pit

Aunt Missy loves on the A & E

This is what happens when my girl is with 4 boys...

Pops was so so happy to have his boys and pup, Skeeter

Daddy was so proud to share his stories with Alex


You can't fake a smile like this - Pops is in his element

The Darby Hunters

My kids were not cooperating!

All of the boys

A very proud papa

Ghetto child....she looks homeless.

Ahh, that's better. The Irish twins.

I love this picture of Alex, Eston and "Ms. Scruffy"


Onnie got lots of sweet loving

Sweet "Oooooonnnnieee"

DeDe got a lot of lovin' too...

And so did Uncle B...

And so did Drew. He was amazing with Carson!

Aunt Missy and Caden made Toffee and Puppy Chow - yum!

Caden & I shared some sweet memories together in the kitchen

These girls CAN cook

The Darby women


Mel * Debbie * Andrea

ABCDE (I love, love this picture)

The whole Darby Crew. And that's a lot people looking at the camera all at once.

Good looking family, I must say

My babies posed for pictures together - miracle!

Alex - 5 / Carson - 2

Sweet sister & brother

Cherished moments

Our little family of four

Father & Son

THIS is the reason I wake up with a smile everyday

Oh yeah, baby. Almost 10 years of marraige and we still got it ;)

And I saved the best for is our best family shot. It's perfect because we have our little mini me's. Nathan and Carson have on button ups, distressed jeans and spikey hair. Alex and Mel have the long hair, sweater-jeans combo and funky boots. Such a happy moment in time!

"Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough."