Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A busy week

I am headed out to Little Rock later this afternoon to join the Darby fam. Alex went back with DeDe and Pops for 2 days to get some fun swim time in! On Wednesday morning, Alex and I will pack up and head to Rogers, AR to stay with Brandon, Andrea and the boys until Saturday. We are so excited to see them all. They have an amazing new home and Alex adores her older cousins. We plan to do a lot of swimming and watch the boys at their soccer games! We will make it home just in time for Father's Day.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Our new adventure

We caved and decided to join the world of blogging! Nathan has asked me to do this for quite a while and I had every intention when we first got pregnant with Carson. Here we are 7 months later :) Mainly, the idea of sparing everyone with the monthly newsletters was an immediate draw and I've had a ton of friends join in and I love catching up with everyone this way. So here we are!