Thursday, March 11, 2010

Via Cord

For my prego friends, please check out ViaCord. They are a cord blood bank and research company that specialize in infant cord blood banking.
Your baby’s cord blood is a natural way to protect your baby. More specifically, your baby's cord blood is a valuable source of precious stem cells that can be used for your baby or an immediate family member. Cord blood stem cells are used today to treat nearly 80 different diseases.
We used ViaCord for our family and I am so thankful we did. You never know what health issues you, your children or your extended family members may experience, so this is an amazing way to invest in your fam's health.
If you know anyone interested in using ViaCord, please let me know. They are offering assistance for our family by getting referalls.
Check out for more info or I am happy to answer any questions. I've researched this quite a bit and have strong opinions about the benefits!

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