Thursday, March 11, 2010

On a lighter note...

Recent Alexism's include:
*"Branch" dressing-- bless her heart. We can't help but encourage this cuteness. Why would we call it ranch dressing, when she's decided it's branch dressing? :)
*"Mommy, why did you just squish that yucky bug? Jesus made it. He made the squishy bugs so why did you kill it?" What do I say to that?
*"Gorilla bars" instead of granola bars.
*"Mommy, are you having more babies?" Mommy: "No, we are all done." Alex: "Good, cause it's sure a lot of work. I am tired from all my work I do. I woke up today and ate breakfast and took my vitamins and now you want me to get dressed? That's a lot of work." Yeah, she's got it REALLY rough!
*"Dear God, please heal the bonk on my head. I got a barbie sleeping beauty doll thrown at me and it bonked my head really bad. It needs to get better now. And heal mommy's head (?? she must just think I am a nut case...shocker!) and heal baby Carson's tummy and I love everyone in the whole wide world except the mean people and dear God say Amen." She still says "and dear God say Amen" from hearing us teach her how to pray. How cute is she?

PLEASE DON'T GROW UP. We love you just like this!


Nicole Fields said...

Sweet Alex! Love that girl she always makes me laugh.

Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

ok, she is freaking hilarious! you need to publish a book of all these! you could make bank! i would buy it and read it every time i wanted a laugh! ahhh, i love that girl! i have to go share this with ian now!