Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How we love our butterflies

Alex received a Butterfly Pavilion kit from the DeWalls for Christmas and we had such a great time with it. We sent off for the caterpillars and six weeks later, we received a container full of caterpillars laced with food. Over the next two weeks we watched nine caterpillars quadruple in size and each spun their bodies into cocoons. On "cocoon" day we watched nine little caterpillars spin like tornadoes to create their new shelters. It was amazing to see all nine do everything in sync. Nature is incredible.

Then, we took the nine cocoons and transplanted them into their hatchery. We waited and watched and seven days later, we had butterflies. Alex was hysterical. She was running around the house yelling, "My babies, my babies! I am a mother. It's a MIRACLE!" It was so cute. They stayed in the hatchery for three days while we fed them nectar to gain strength. Then it was time for the big release. Alex is such big stuff. No tears...she knew releasing them was part of the plan and she had a blast doing it. We were very fortunate to see ALL 9 hatch! They guaranteed 4, so we were lucky! Here are their names in order of hatching:
*Princess Butterfly Sparkle
*Princess Kaitlyn
*Princess Rainbow Butterfly
*Princess Rainbow Butterfly Ice Skate!!!!! (HA!)

A few pics from the process:
Alex is yelling, "My babies are hatching!"
She brings all of her babies outside for the release
A song and interpretive dance for the babies. Only Alex would do this.
There goes Ellie
Princess Rainbow Butterfly Ice Skate
She was fearless as usual
Yes, she is actually kissing them
What a sweet and nurturing mother she is.
Alex was so delicate and sweet with them
Bye little butterflies! Thanks for coming to Boyd Court :)


Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

that was so precious!!! and i LOVE those pictures!!! what a cool gift! i will have to get elijah something like that when he gets old enough to understand the process! he thought it was roll on the ground hilarious when a moth got caught inside the house yesterday and mommy was trying to shooo it out the back door!

Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

by the way my verification word they just made me type in was macakakihi (don't you remember that from pee-wee's playhouse? maka-laki-hi-maka-hiney-ho!) ahh, made me smile!