Monday, March 22, 2010

A day at the museum, March 8

YaYa & I decided we needed a fun day out with the kids so my mom came over and we took the kids to the Dallas Museum of Science and Nature. We had a blast! It was a very action packed day. Carson was mostly along for the ride but he did great and just wanted to run, run, run! He was everywhere. The highlight for both kids: the dinosaurs. When Carson saw the huge bones he stared and kept saying, "wwwwoooooooowwww." One of Alex's favorite movies is Ice Age 3 and "Rudy, the T-Rex" is one of the main characters. When Alex first saw the huge T-Rex, she screamed and ran away yelling "It's real, it's real!" Once we explained that the bones are real, but dinosaurs are extinct, she rolled up her sleeves and joined in the fun. The best part was when we were leaving, she wanted to go back and see the dinosaurs one last time. As we were walking away she yelled, "Bye, Rudy. Love you! You are a really cool and awesome T-Rex." As always, you just had to be there to hear Alex..but it was so cute and funny. The pictures are terrible but at least I have a few from my phone:

Carson would never stop moving (shocker!)-- here is an attempt to get a pic of him in a fireman's hat

Alex & Carson loved the water displays and played well together

Carson was very intrigued with the distorted mirrors. It was so cute!
Chief Alex loved the firetruck
YaYa stayed very busy running the zone defense :)
Alex playing fire chief

It was such a great day!

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