Thursday, January 7, 2010

Carson's surgery

Please say a prayer for our little man. He is getting tubes at 7am tomorrow.
The surgery is minor, but he will still be under anesthesia which is the scariest for me. He is so little and there are always risks....after Alex's complications from her tonsillectomy, it leaves me a bit anxious.
Doc said his pain level is at a 9 and this isn't optional -- so at least there is no room for questions. He has blistering in the middle ear in both ears.
Love to all!


Sally said...

sooo sad that you (AND lil C0 have to go thru this!! :(
Hopefully tho, this will put an end to his chronic ear infections once and for all! Praying for you!

Sally said...

oops, meant to type:
(and lil C)


Justin and April said...

Prayers about Carson's surgery - done! Hope all goes well and look forward to hearing an update.