Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sleeping Beauty Scene

I walked in to the playroom and Alex says, "Mommy, please take a seat. The show is about to begin. Ladies & gentlemen, boys and girls, I now present....Sleeping Beauty."

The fallen princess with her friends all around

"Don't worry my love, I have come to kiss you, marry you and give you a big diamond."
Sleeping beauty says, "Oh thank you handsome prince. I can be a mommy now."
How cute is that?! I was laughing so hard! Alex also has a serious crush on a 5 year old boy she met at McDonalds. I think the feelings were mutual. After lots of hugging and flirting we heard, "I'm gonna give you a big kiss"....so we finally intervened. GIRLS!!!!

1 comment:

Sally said...

ahhh, toooo cute!!
she is so creative Mel!!! i love iet!