Thursday, September 17, 2009

My favorites

These are not all of my faves, but here are several more from the Kirkland photo shoot. I just love these pictures! You can click to enlarge the photos. Fam, if you want copies, let me know what you want. I can't believe God blessed me with this family. Is this REAL? Pinch me!

The Darby Girls
This is my favorite picture of all! I adore the expression in her eyes.
Walking on a beautiful day
Mommy's little man
Daddy & Alex do the traditional "Sic 'Em Bears"
Nothing is cuter than a yawn/fohawk combo
LOL-- Alex stepped in dog poo. This picture is classic! Love the irony.
Touch chicka. Check out the tattoo ;)
Pouting princess
She is beauty
Happy girls
Daddy with the love of his life
Princesses CAN fly
My favorite picture of Carson EVER! AHH!
Help me pick! This is impossible!


Jaime said...

OMG they are all SO GOOD!!! Yes love the yawn/fohawk combo pic! and poopie irony!! alex is so beautiful and such a diva - i love it! what a beautiful family!! such and example of God's perfection!

Sally said...

oh my...girlll, good luck picking bc they are ALL soooo awesome! ahhh! what a special treat to have those...they are all awesome and what a gorgeous family ya'll are!! so proud to call ya'll close friends, love ya!

Jennie said...

I think you will have to get them all - they are ALL so precious!!!