Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Carson month 12: August 2 - September 2

My baby is one. I can't believe it. You think the day will never arrive, and then you can't believe it's already happened. We had an awesome month and a terrific birthday party (will post next). Fun developments from month 11 - 12:
*Ate bread (and handled it well)
*100% on hemp milk now. Made my goal of nursing for 12 months. Was sad for a few days and now we are both loving the freedom. He has mastered the sippy cup and we never even went for the bottle.
*Tummy seems to be getting there. Prayers please as we are headed to the allergist tomorrow for some answers (hopefully).
*Newest obsession: wheels! Any kind, on any toy. He immediately flips over the truck, car, or tractor and spins the wheels. He is very focused and appears to be detail oriented like his father ;)
*Woofs at the pups all the time--hilarious!
*Plays patty cake
*LOVES his walker. He is super fast and has no fear. It is so fun to watch. Alex loves to push him all over the house in it too.
*Activity level has bumped up a notch. The dude is everywhere and into everything. Parental supervision required at all times. Hehe. Sis is still taking her "chokin' hazurd" job very seriously.
*His favorite trick is to wave bye-bye. He's been waving for a while, but now he does it to anyone he sees and thinks he is such big stuff.
*He isn't walking yet, but is very close. He is walking from thing to thing and will stand for a few seconds without holding on. Any day now.
*At his one year check-up we got the latest stats. Hilarious:
Height: 29 inches = 26%
Weight: 19lbs, 10 oz = 9%
Head: 19.25cm = 97%
So he is basically a bobble head :) Too funny!

As usual, he is a tremendous joy. I am blown away by his flexibility and chilled out temperament. He is such an answer to prayer. I am very protective of my little guy. I find myself praying over him constantly. I just love his hair too! It's so long. In fact, he had his first hair cut this month too. Mommy had a hard time letting go of the cute curls. Pics below:
Meals are always messy

His signature head tilt. Adorable.

Am I precious?!

Sitting forward facing on my birthday! Freedom!

Bro & sis holding hands. Aww.

First haircut

This is the essence of Carson. Adorable, curious and on the go!

PS- I have 8 teeth!


Sally said...

awww, how cute are those?? ha ha, esp the messy eating pics - classic!!! i feel like it's been eons since we took pics like that...guess it really is time for another babe. :) get to re-live it all again, i can't wait!! yay for turning around in the car - that is the BEST!!

Nicole Fields said...

He is so cute. I just love your kids! I still can't believe he is 1!!!!

shannon houlihan said...

What a sweet grown up boy! He is precious! And love the pictures of Alex on her visit with NatKat...what fun they had!