Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kiddo Update - April, 2010

Carson is 7 months old today! What in the world?! I can't believe how quickly time in rushing by. Carson cut his first tooth yesterday! Yeah! We are finally swaddle free too. Carson loved his swaddle (just like his sister), so that was quite an accomplishment to break the habit.
Alex went for her 4 year check-up on Monday. Her latest stats:
- 33% for weight
- 41% for height
She was VERY brave while getting her shots. I was so relieved when it was over and she was okay because I was worried about handling the baby and her all at the same time. As we were walking out of the pediatrician's office, she took off running for the car. I was yelling "Alex, don't run, you are going to fall." Sure enough, poor girl biffed and tore up both knees. As if getting the shots weren't enough torture for one day. Major devastation in the parking lot (where there happened to be a bunch of people sitting at a bar outside enjoying happy hour and watching me deal with the drama). I was trying to calm her down, carry Carson to the car with bags and paperwork and she is screaming "It's ALL my fault. This is really, really serious!"
No worries...we made it to McDonalds, and ice cream took care of everything :)


Justin and April said...

Ah, poor Alex! Any tips on getting rid of the swaddle? I would love to but can't seem to get rid of it. I'm so over it!

Ebes said...

Sweet little is sooo not her fault! and Love the Edward Cullin teeth...ahhhhhh (love).

Erin Basden said...

glad the shots went ok!! glad the ice cream fixed everything!