Saturday, March 28, 2009

More fun with A,C,D & E

Note: Uncle "B," (Nathan's brother) was back home working, so that's why the alphabet soup is incomplete. Andrea, Caden, Dru & Eston...they are such a blast. I adore them so much! As I mentioned in a prior post, we had the best was a whirlwind. We jam packed every minute of the visit with a fun memory. We went to Fossil Rim, Going Bonkers, The Rainforest Cafe, and finally...Nathan wins the award for biggest stud daddy because he kept ALL 5 kids so that Andrea and I could go to IKEA to shop and watch a movie. Note: 4 of the 5 kids were awake when we left. That's a brave undertaking. He never complained and was so happy to give the mommies a break. I love you baby! Thank you for being the best daddy and uncle. And now, more pics..first, here are a few at our house:

The whole crew rocks out

Eston on drums

Dru on guitar. HILARIOUS!

Caden loved the drums and guitar

Alex smashes the sticks

Eston tries to do it all at once :)

Eston and Alex (5 months apart in age) wrestle. She can hold her own!

Sleeping arrangements. So cute-- the boys drew straws to decide who slept with Alex each night.
Aunt Onnie and the boys hosted a little birthday party for Alex.

Alex loves her new Ariel dress. Onnie, she wears this EVERY night. Might need another one for washing purposes :)

Dru was so precious to Carson. He loved on him and got big grins. Carson liked being one of the boys!
Rainforest Cafe:

Aunt Onnie and Alex shared really special moments on this trip.
I LOVE this picture!

Pics from Going Bonkers:

Andrea and Caden, gansta style

Eston (4), with his mommy

Dru (6) with his mommy. Note: look for Dru in the pics. You will notice a pattern-- he is a MESS! I LOVE HIM!!! He and Alex are alike in many ways :) They keep us on our toes.

Caden (8) with his mommy. Gorgeous!

Alex and Daddy are adorable as always

Daddy's got your tongue!

Having fun and catching a quick breath

The Darby zoo!

Alex is in a Darby-boy sandwich.

Silly mommy

Stop taking my picture...I'm just here to blog :)

And Carson says.....I'm SPENT!
Come back soon, we miss you already!!!!!


Rachel said...

so much fun! it looks like you guys had a blast! don't you love cousins!!!!

Sally said...

awww, these are too cute! Gosh, what a great looking group ya'll are!! and Andrea looks so beautiful, love her hair like that.
hugs friend, miss you!

shannon houlihan said...

Nathan gets daddy of the year-wow!! 5 kids!! I am so impressed :)