Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Carson month 6: February 2 - March 2

We saw so many changes in our little man from month 5 to 6. He is really becoming his own person. As you will see from the pictures, he is just SO happy all the time. If I could translate his babble, I think it would say "Hiiieeee everyone! I'm just soooo happy to be here!" He is joy in the purest form. To hear him fuss or cry is an ordeal. Everyone stops and runs to him at the slightest whimper because he never fusses; so when he does, you know it must be for something serious!
Carson is such an animated little guy. He has the best facial expressions ever.
This month, he is really starting to teethe. He is breaking the gums on his bottom left side and working on one tooth upstairs as well. OUCH! Alex was the toothless wonder and finally got her first tooth at 15 months, so this is quite different from his sista. Carson is also extremely interactive now, which is so much fun. He is no longer "the blob" as we say. Now, he will play motorboat with us back and forth and he will mimic our facial expressions and stick his tongue out in response to us. It's great! We also think he is going to be a lefty. He strongly favors his left hand. My mom is a lefty and so is one of my nephews. I know it is early to predict, but I am certain he will be left-handed. Man, he is getting a ton of hair too! It comes in sticking straight up (just like his daddy-hehe). It's dark brown just like dad's too. He is becoming so handsome. He has a dimple on his left side like daddy too. No wonder he is stealing my heart.
People are starting to call him "baby Nathan." I love that he is looking more and more like his daddy. He will be a heart breaker for sure! In other news, he has most certainly discovered his "business" and thinks it's SO fun to play with. AHHH! I have the best picture that I wish I could share...let's just say he is all boy!!!
His favorite activity is to play in the Exersaucer and he is able to spin all around and use each toy now, so it's great to watch. He is so proud of himself and loves to tell us all about his latest accomplishments. He is sitting up well on his own now too. Here are a few pictures:

He is all smiles
Carson loves his BeBe pod and will sit up and play in it for 15 minutes at a time

Tummy time is always a blast
He loves his activity mat and especially enjoys checking himself out in the mirror
Good times in the Exersaucer
I ADORE his crooked smile. Check out the hair sticking straight up too.
Alex is the best big sis and loves to help with bath time
We are enjoying every minute with our precious son. It's going waaaay too fast.


Rachel said...

awww, he is too cute! i can't believe he is doing all of that now! he is such a little man!

shannon houlihan said...

He is so happy! And he does look like his daddy!

Jaime said...

love that he is ALL smiles!

Sally said...

awww, what fun ya'll are having, i love it!!!