Sunday, March 15, 2009

80's roller skating party!

Last night, we celebrated Ebes' 30th birthday at an old school roller skating rink! Wow did it bring back Friday night drop offs and holding hands with your boyfriend :)
We had soooo much fun! Ebes made it an 80's themed party so we all arrived decked out in our 80's gear. Nathan was HILARIOUS! He had so much fun. I didn't realize he was so talented on skates. I had a blast too, but some punk kid came at me with full speed and totally knocked me down. I have an impressive bump and bruise from that incident. I think we all needed to just check out for a night and have fun! At least, Nathan and I did. Thanks for the awesome night, Ebes! Oh, and Alex loved that mommy played dress-up for the night.

We are cracking up in this pic b/c N8 kept trying to knock me over!

Sal, Ebes, Mel and Nicole(with baby on the way!!)

The birthday girl looked so great!
Mel & Jaime (the best 80's dresser ever!)

Sally won the best mom jeans award. Those were awesome!!
Stud on skates
Ron's vest played music. HAHA! Love the hair too!

The girls take a break. It was quite a workout!
Naughty...very naughty indeed


Sally said...

ahhhhh!! it was so so fun!!! so glad we got some time to catch up in the car too!!!

Rachel said...

so bummed we didn't get to go; it looks like you guys had a blast!!! i love the pictures!

Ebes said...

hahahahahaha!! I am still cracking up at the entire night! I has sooo much fun and loved every single minute of it. Thanks for posting pics Mel! I'll get mine out some time this week.