Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom & Dad (and Uncle Stuart!)

We celebrated March birthdays with a big party at my parent's house this weekend. It is pretty special that Sherree, Blake, and Stuart all share the same birthday week. Stuart's is March 4, Sherree's is March 7, and Blake's is March 11. It's been a long time since our entire family got together, so it was awesome to just hang out and play. My parents live on 2 acres and it is beautiful. There is so much nature out in the boons! The guys played horseshoes and cooked out. The girls ran after the kids and talked, and talked and...talked (typical). Alex and Thomas were so cute! They played together the entire time and never got sick and tired of one another. They really were on their own, which was great! We all just sat back and watched. Carson and Natalee (the babies) held their own too. Nikki practiced her cheers and gymnastics for us. Timothy teamed up with Blake for a great game of horseshoes. A great time was had by all! I love you mom and dad-- y'all are the best parents a daughter could ask for!
Carson being uptight as usual
Babies having a chat about how to stay up later
C.C. is ready to bust a cap. hahaha. She is so gansta.
The cake!
Alex & Thomas enjoying some cake together
Stuffing face
Natalee in her tutu

The Moran family
The Morans and Darbys
My awesome parents
At the end of the night, Alex was DONE. YaYa tickled Alex to sleep and once she was down, N8 and I stayed up and hung out with just my parents. We had a blast catching up. I am so thankful to have my entire family in the D/FW area. I can't imagine it any other way. The only thing that was missing was our Granddam :( We miss you Granddam and next time you WILL be here to celebrate with us! Get well!


Sherree said...

It was a fun time and the pix are great! Everyone needs more family time, down time, and PLAY time....let's do it again soon!!

Sally said...

awww, love your sweet family! tell your parents hi! ok...that pic of your mom tickling alex looks soooo nice right now. i am so tired and ahh...that looks like heaven. :)

Rachel said...

so fun and i still can't believe how big carson looks. his face just does not look like a little baby anymore. he looks like a little man :) ahhh, they grow up too fast!