Thursday, February 5, 2009

Where does she come up with this stuff?

Here is a portion of two conversations Alex and I had over dinner this evening:
mom: "Alex, don't you just love your baby brother?"
alex: "Ummm no. I just like him a little bit."
mom: "What?! I know you love him."
alex: "No mommy, I only can like him a little bit right now but next week I will turn 4 and have my blue birthday party and then I can love him a lot. But not yet, understand?"
mom: "Guess what Alex, daddy is coming home tonight. He is flying home right now to come and see us."
alex: "Mommy, are you going to cuddle all alone in your bed tonight again?"
mom: "No! Daddy is coming home!!!"
alex: "Okay. I can't like it when you cuddle alone. We need another daddy to keep you safe when our daddy is on the airplane."


Brigitte said...

NO!!! No nother Daddy!
I feel some blog hoggin' comin' on... get this!
We are all sharing a cold, all five Hooks, so I decided to use the Zicam swabs on the kids tonight. After administering London's without a hitch I walked into the room where the boys were and said, "Hey boys, I want you to stick these up your noses." They both eagerly turned my way (kid you not),so now that I know how to get their attention, I'm going to begin each sentence with "hey! Stick this up your nose!"

shannon houlihan said...

too funny!!

Jaime said...

sweet girl!! hooray for the blue party!!!