Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Carson Month 5: January 2 - February 2

Carson's 4th to 5th month was much more chill than the past several months. It's been nice to be home and just have some fun play time together. We took him in for his check-up at 18 weeks (4 1/2 months). His stats compared to Nathan's at the same age:
Weight: Carson, 15.9 lbs (63%), Nathan, 15.2 lbs
Height: Carson, 26.5 inches (92%), Nathan, 26 inches
I can't believe he's even bigger than his daddy! I wonder if he will earn the nickname 'Gaston' someday as well. (That's what Alex calls daddy).
He is terrific, as always. He is so happy and talks all the time! He gets a kick out of hearing his own voice, so it's been loud around here (as if it wasn't before)?!
He is rolling over to grab toys and loves to stand up. We call him Mr. Big Stander because that is his favorite thing to do. I wonder if he will be an early walker? Here are a few pics from the past month:

Mr. Big Stander ready for church

Playing peekaboo at bath time

I'm SO dead for posting this pic! Alex decided it would be fun to dress Carson up like a princess. I couldn't resist :)

"Boys Rock!" bib

How precious are my babies?

Sissy sneaks a kiss (of course there was a bribe involved...not even gonna lie!)

He has earned the reputation "ladies man" at the gym because the staff fights over who gets to keep Carson. I don't blame them-- every time I go to pick him up he is the only one not in hysterics! I have to say, he has me totally wrapped around his finger already!!


John Nelson said...

Very cute! But the pictures beg a question:

Y'all ever going to put furniture in that dining room?

Tara James said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the one in a tutu! Hilarious.

Jaime said...

I would fight over him too :) hehe love the ladies man!

Sally said...

awww, i am teary seeing your two kiddos together. :) i love it...and they resemble each other so much more than i thought seeing them together like that.
how fun!! they are adorable! can't wait to see them SOON!!! it's been too long!

Melodie said...

Hey Mel
Your blog is adorable and so is your little family! Hope you guys are doing well!