Sunday, February 8, 2009

Traveling Fool

Daddy had to fly out again today to Modesto, CA where he is working at the Gallo client. He will be home late Thursday night. This weekend he told me that the next phase of Gallo was just sold (great news) but that also means he will be traveling...a LOT! Looks like he will be gone two weeks each month until August. It's hard to be upset when I see how much he loves his job and of course we are so blessed as I get to stay home with the kids. So, we will be getting creative! If you want company, let me know :) I'm sure we will be road-tripping all over the place! Please keep us in your prayers. Specifically for safe travels for Nathan and specifically for my sanity. AHHH!!!!! Our pets heads are fallin off!


Julia Harman said...

You can come play with us anytime!

All About Baby Boomerang said...

SAMPSONITE. That must be her last name!