Tuesday, February 24, 2009

HELP ME!!! (by Carson Darby)

Hey, this is Carson. You know, Alex's baby brother. Well I'm sure you've all heard about the blue birthday party. My mom can tell the rest of the story, but I wanted to be sure and let you all see what torture I had to endure on this "diva day." UGH! Apparently, there is a multi-step process in becoming a blue party princess. Let me share this ridiculousness with you so you can empathize.
Step 1: Nail Day. Good times. I got drug along to some nail salon just to watch my sis get her nails and toes painted. Is this really necessary? All the ladies in the salon were telling Alex how cute she was and how special it was to get her first mani/pedi. GAG!
Step 2: The dressing process. This is apparently done in several stages. Here is a pic of sis getting dressed. Out of control. Notice the blue hair. Is that necessary? I personally think that is a bit over the top, but no one asked for my opinion.
Step 3: Unlocking the inner diva. The pictures say it all.
Step 4: Running around the house like a hot mess, showing off to everyone.
She called this thing around her waist a "toot." I'm so sure...everyone knows it's a TUTU! How old is she? Sigh.
Does she think she is a supermodel? Check out that face!
Step 5: Rubbing it in my face. You can see in this picture that she is driving me nuts! I have to sit by her in the car. The whole way to the party all I heard was "I'm 4, I'm 4...I'm the blue princess today."
I know I am being a bit harsh, but you just have to understand how it really is from my perspective. This is MY photo telling you how I feel about all this hoopla.
Peace out,
Carson (the outnumbered male with no chance of a normal life....come save me!!!!)


Ebes said...

Hey Carson, it's Parker...you can come chill at my crib anytime. My mom lets me play with dirt and bugs and be naked all the time. No girls at the White House for sure. I feel for ya bro'!

Jaime said...

haha love it!! Carson hang in there!!! Ask mom for a brother! hahahaha

Two Sisters said...

I too, know what it's like to live with a wannabediva. Don't worry, your day will come:). The other day, my sister tried to tell me how it was, and I yanked her by the curls and pulled her to the ground. It was liberating! Hang in there!
Your friend,
Anna Claire Glaze

Sally said...

HA HA HA!!! I am dying laughing!
Jackson says, "hang in there buddy!!! it'll get better, i'll show you the ropes and next time i am there we'll go throw a football for a bit and let the girls gab!!"

what a diva she is Mel - you've got your hands full...it's gonna be a fun ride! :) love you!!