Thursday, February 26, 2009


*Alex's sense of humor: I caught her hitting Carson in the stomach with her magic wand. She is never rough with him so I was shocked. I asked her why she was hitting her brother and she says, "Momma, I was trying to "bing" him into a baby sister." Hahahaha! I LOVE her! She makes me laugh constantly.
*Honey. It's one of my favorite things and I consume it daily. Just had some on toast with peanut butter for breakfast.
*Dark Chocolate. Not the milk chocolate...we are talking the REAL love. 70% or higher. When I need a pick-me-up, dark chocolate is the answer.
*MaxGXL. New supplement I am taking. It ROCKS!!!
*The moon. Alex and I have been sitting outside on the patio at night and I have been teaching her about the moon. I think she is as enamored by it as I am.
*Medicine & Miracles-- thank you God.. Granddam is alive and well. She is no longer intubated and is out of ICU. When she came to and asked how long she has been in the hospital, we told her 11 days. She said "Well, sh*t!" Hahaha...she's back :) Thank you for your prayers! Having my Granddam is the biggest HAPPY I can think of!


Sally said...

awww, love your happies!!! i too love the lyrics to that nickleback song...ahhh.
love you!

Sally said...

P.s. what is MAXGL? fill a sista in! :)is it arbonne?