Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Alex's 4th Birthday: Blue Bash

This post is a little out of sequence since my baby boy figured out a way to post on our blog. The tech genes are already surfacing. He is a mess!
On our drive home from preschool one day, I asked Alex if she knew what kind of party she wanted for her birthday this year. She is so into Disney Princesses and birds that I was surprised when she said she wanted a blue birthday party. Hmm...a blue party?! We started talking about it and I decided, why not! When is the next time she will want a blue party? So adorable!
The big blue birthday became THE topic of conversation for weeks leading up to the big day. She was so excited and I loved having a bargaining chip to use for moments I needed her to obey. We had the party at a place called Going Bonkers. It's the perfect name to describe chaos! It is such a fun place to play and we hoped everyone would love it as much as we do. We spend a lot of our rainy days at Going Bonkers.
She had a great turnout. 16 of Alex's friends came (we missed several of you though), family from both sides, church friends and even her preschool teacher, Mrs. Amanda came.
You will see from the pictures that Alex was in heaven! I will never forget what she looked like that day. I don't think we could have asked for a better time!

The fam, sans Carson
We tried to get a good fam pic...this is the best one...and so us!
These two absolutely adore one another
DeDe, Mel & Carson in our blue
The little guy trying to bite his tongue ;)
BB shows Alex that even Baylee came dressed in blue!
Friends eating pizza
Alex and Tyler (her current boyfriend) on a car date
The blue princess cake was a hit! Moms, cupcake cakes are the way to go!!
Alex making her wish and blowing out the candles
Sharing a cupcake with Mrs. Amanda (Alex's teacher)
Jeffrey Hook having a blast!

Alex opening gifts with her two sweet assistants, Abbi & London
I can't believe we don't have any pictures of her climbing through the massive play gym. Oh well, the other 320 pictures will just have to suffice. This last picture is going to get me in trouble, so I am asking for forgiveness rather than permission. When we got home from the party we were all DONE. Exhausted. I asked Nathan to swaddle Carson and put him down for a nap while Deb and I got the presents situated. After several minutes we could hear Carson talking in bed. So, I peeked my head in to see what was going on. I found Carson just laying in his crib (no swaddle) looking around and talking to the wall and found Nathan like this:

HAHAHA!!!! It took everyone a few days to recover. Thanks to all for making this such a special day for our family!


Allison Nelson said...

So adorable!
I love cupcake cakes and think they are the best invention ever!

All About Baby Boomerang said...

That is such a cute partee!!! The family pic is great. And surely Nathan would forgive the final pic!!!

Sally said...

ahhhhh! look at Nathan, ha ha ha!!! that is SO something JOsh would do! :) classic! The party looked super fun, sad we had to miss. :(