Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Missing Macy

Our poor Macy pup. She is the most patient (or stupid) dog on the planet. She takes so much torture and does it willingly. Alex is convinced Macy's purpose in life is to be her "doll."
On Saturday, we were leaving for a birthday party and as always, we checked for both dogs before we left. Emmy was by the door as usual, but no Macy. I asked Alex, and she said "Oh, she's just outside playing.", she's not outside. Well, we realize quickly there is something wrong. Alex had two friends over so I went to the car and asked them if they knew where Macy was. Abbi (she's 6) told me "Well, I saw Alex put her in the treasure chest twice, but I took her out once because I knew that was a bad idea." I gave Alex the opportunity to fess up and admit what happened and I got the "Macy's outside" story again. I ran inside, went to playroom door and immediately unlocked her dress-up treasure chest. Sure enough, sweet Macy was shaking in the box full of princess dresses. I couldn't believe Alex locked her in there! I am so glad we thought to check before we headed out to Peter Piper Pizza. Needless to say, Alex was in trouble...for lying and for stashing the dog. GRR!

Macy, we love you sweet pup. There is a place for you in heaven with many jewels.

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Sally said...

awww- so so glad you found her!! what a funny story! :)