Thursday, January 15, 2009

Carson month 4: December 2 - January 2

Carson's 3rd to 4th month was a wonderful, action packed month! He had his first Christmas and first New Year's celebration. He also started belly laughing, which is the best. Seeing your baby smile and laugh for the first time is so special. I don't want to sound like I am bragging, but Carson is seriously the best baby on the planet. If you've spent time with him, you know I'm not a biased mom...just speaking the truth :) Carson is so content and always has a smile on his face. His eyes sparkle and dance when he smiles-- just like his sister. He's weighing in at 15lbs and busting out of clothes VERY quickly because he is so tall. We've given him a new nickname: Happy Feet. It's so fitting for the little guy-- he's so happy and he's always kicking his feet. Anytime I go for a diaper change or to change his clothes, he will just giggle and kick his feet like crazy. I am so thankful for my son. Alex is so much fun and always "on"-- so it's nice to have a sweet, chill, happy baby. God knew I needed this :) I know it will change, but maybe not for a while? Please?! Please! I just want to freeze him and keep him like this forever.

He is eating every 3.5 hours and is a great sleeper. He does well with naps during the day and I am still swaddling him. Not ready to give it up quite yet! Here are some pics of our little Happy Feet:Our little monkey

"Result of Mommy Kissing Santa"-- at our baby Jesus party

Sweet sleeping baby

Christmas morning picture

I can almost sit up by myself!

I love my daddy!

So in love it's ridiculous.


Jaime said...

I have to agree he is the best baby ever!! and LOVE that first pic - need a copy!!

Julia Harman said...

What a doll! I can't believe how fast he is growing too!