Monday, August 4, 2008

Not so happies ;)

I can't help it.
Things that are miserable about being prego (yes, this negates the sweet things I just wrote in happies):

1. Getting to the point that you can't see your feet. Not cool. You stub your dang toes all the time. And if you know me, you know about my "baby toe" issues. NOT FAIR!!!

2. Outgrowing maternity clothes?! That makes you feel extra pretty ;)
It's like they make these clothes for only 7 months of pregnancy. What about months 8-9 when even the expander isn't expanding enough?!! Is there a special store for the "really, really big months?" Bitter.

3. Sleeping. I am standing up at times now just because that seems to be the only way to get comfy. Good times!!

4. Strangers inappropriate comments. Pregnancy apparently gives people the easy access to come up and tell you everything there is to know about childbirth! I was at Brookestone today and the sales rep (a male, late 50's) said "now you aren't going to have your baby in the store right now are you because I have a lunch break in 20 minutes." Thanks.

5. My child loves to lift my shirt and share with EVERYONE that I am having a baby. "Oh and watch-- it moves," she says. Actually it's really cute! Just had to put this on the list b/c I wish she would just keep the belly in.

6. The belly button. Enough said.

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